I can’t believe that it’s been 3 months since I went to Taipei with Fancl. Is it just me, or do you find that time is absolutely flying by like crazy this year? I’ve been meaning to blog about this trip because we went to so many amazing places that I have to share with all of you. So, here goes!

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5e9a8-img_0042 If you follow me on Instagram (@xoxojeneen), you’ll see that I recently went to The Canopi Resort and stayed for a night. This beautiful resort is located in Bintan, a stone’s throw away from Singapore –  take a 1 hour ferry ride and you’ll literally reach paradise.


Road trip day 01: Phillip Island

The first day of our road trip took us to Phillip Island. We left Melbourne behind schedule – as usual because we tend to be so chill and oh-so-slow (haha) – and reached Phillip Island around mid-afternoon. We were going to spend a night there and I had a couple of day activity options for us. The evening was reserved for the Penguin Parade, a must-visit at Phillip Island. I had planned to either visit the Koala Conservation Centre and tree top boardwalks or go to Churchill Island Heritage Farm for some farming activities like sheep shearing demonstration, cow milking, etc. Because we were late in getting into Phillip Island, we had missed most of the farming activities so we decided to head for the Koala Conservation Centre. 
We had a wonderful time at the Koala Conservation Centre cooing over how adorable the koalas looked just hanging and chilling on the gum trees, walking along the nature trail trying to spot as many animals as we could – we only managed to spot kangaroos, making monkey faces and showing all sorta bad signs for silly pictures (we really never do grow up!) and trying to get serious with #OOTD shots. I was wearing a hat from ASOS, jacket from Zara, shorts from Wardrobe Theory and boots from Topshop. Can you spot the koala in my picture above? I know the kangaroo picture is pretty obvious. 
Because we didn’t manage to go to the farm, I can’t compare which activity is better if you only had 1 day to spend on Phillip Island, but you can cover the Koala Conservation Centre pretty quickly if you’re not so into taking pictures. So, you can probably head there first if you get into the island early and then go to the farm for all the activities. The farm activities only start from 2pm. 
We checked into our bed and breakfast after hanging with the koalas and I still cannot stop gushing about our accommodation choice. I was already pretty excited before we got there because I had researched before and the pictures of the place looked amazing on the website. It was not until I got there that I felt like I had literally died and gone to heaven. I only wish I took more pictures of the studio en-suite room that we got but I was too excited about everything to remember to take pictures. This b&b called Kitty Miller Bay fits only 2 people and it’s like a mini house that is an extension of the main house. It’s got a small pantry area, huge bathroom, comfortable bed and ceiling to floor glass doors that overlook the most amazing view of the vast fields and blue ocean. My pictures from above don’t even do the place justice. I wish we had more time at the b&b and I would go back in a heartbeat if I were to head to Melbourne again. Here’s the link to check the place out: .
We had to peel ourselves from the beautiful b&b to head for the Penguin Parade before we missed the whole show. I’m glad we made it on time because again, we had a wonderful time watching the tiniest penguins head onto shore – so cute to see them ‘lil creatures pop out from the waters and cross the sandy beach to their burrow homes. They swim across the ocean to another island for food every day – honestly I don’t know how their tiny bodies do it because how tiring is it to swim in the ocean with the strong current and waves?! – and return with food every evening to feed their babies. They travel in groups to guard against enemies like eagles and big birds swooping overhead and it’s so incredibly cute to watch them wait for one another to reach the sand and then totter quickly in groups towards the grassy patch to look for their homes. I have no idea again how they find their burrow…there are no proper roads or trails for them and there are SO many burrows littered everywhere! 
We were in luck that it was chick rearing season so we could watch and observe so many of these little penguins return to their nests to their penguin babies. So many of these babies came out of their nests waiting impatiently for their moms to get home with food. They were sooooo cute I wish I could touch them and maybe even bring a couple home. A word of warning that it gets incredibly cold at the Penguin Parade. It generally is quite cold at Phillip Island but you need to really cover up with a thick jacket and bring a scarf even at the penguin area. It’s outdoors and the chilly winds are really strong. I was freezing there! 
Jon and I got up really early the next day to try and catch the sunrise…but guess what, the rain rained on our parade!! Haha…and then we went back to bed, and of course, woke up too late. Argh!! We left Phillip Island after exploring the area around our B&B and taking (more) pictures and OOTD shots with me in Wardrobe Theory’s Bloom In Love dress. 
As you can see from the above picture, I lugged my entire set of IDS Clinic skincare products everywhere I went. My skin had just cleared up awhile before and I was not taking any chances. It could be due to me religiously slapping on all that products and the 4-Step Hydro Therapeutics Treatment that I did just before I left, but my skin stayed clear and bright throughout the trip, making me one happy girl. A little more about the treatment that I’ve been raving about to all my friends -it really helps get rid of those annoying small white/blackheads that stay on your face forever! Step 1 involves a water microdermabrasion with a Hydrafacial equipment to get rid of dead skin cells. Then, ultrasound is combined with a skin scubber to remove those nasty black/white heads. Some minor extraction is involved in this step for stubborn zits. After all the nasty stuff is removed from your face, a combination of multi-vitamins and whitening serum is penetrated into your skin with Iontophoresis technology. Finally, a mask will be used, depending on skin type to seal in all the goodness. A whitening mask was used on me and the results after the 4 steps was super glowy and overall radiant skin that lasts and lasts. Doesn’t it all sound amazing? You’ve got to try and witness the results yourself. I can’t wait to go for my next treatment! 
More on road trip day 02 in the next post! 

Sydney Escapades – what to see and do in just 2 days

I was in Sydney for work two weeks ago and I extended the trip from Thursday noon to early evening on Saturday for some leisure time to myself. I had to catch the 5pm flight home on Saturday. I had just about 2 days to see the whole of Sydney so boy, did I jam pack my schedule. Here’s what I did; the places I visited and food that I had, and my recommendations if you’re headed to Sydney. 


Sydney Harbour Bridge

I started the day about 12pm after a morning work meeting and went for a walk at the Sydney Harbour Bridge with my colleagues. We walked till about the halfway mark where people could scale the top of the bridge. The weather was beautiful – not too cold with a touch of warmth from the sun. It was a perfect day for a walk and the scenery that greeted us along the way was absolutely beautiful. You get a good view of the Sydney Opera House from here. I would definitely recommend taking a walk on this bridge when you’re in Sydney.

Museum of Contemporary Art

The museum is quite small so you can probably cover the place in an hour or less. I was slightly disappointed that there weren’t any famous works of art by the likes of contemporary artists such as Henry Matisse, Andy Warhol, Picasso, etc. I did a year of Art History studies when I was in NAFA and have always had a love and interest for art. Getting up close and personal with art pieces that I’ve only read about from books is an amazing experience.
‘Chance’ – an installation piece in the museum.
If you’ve got time, the cafe on the top level of the museum has a gorgeous view. Definitely worth spending the time for a cuppa there.
Here’s me and the view at the cafe!

The streets and shops around this area is super pretty and quaint so do spend time walking around and exploring the place.

#OOTD worth spots everywhere in this area. Haha. I’m wearing a jacket and skirt set coming soon to Wardrobe Theory. 🙂 

Westfield Bondi Junction

The shops on Thursdays close late at 9pm in Sydney. They usually close at 5pm. I took this opportunity to check out the shops at Westfield Bondi Junction. It was recommended by the concierge at my hotel. This mall is huge and it’s got all the stores that you probably need under one roof – David Jones, Target, Myer and lots of small boutique shops. You can also probably find all the Australian designers you’re looking for in this mall.
I got quite a lot of Bonds underwear (made in Australia), Pandora charms (cheaper in Australia!) and checked out all the Australian labels like Cameo, Mink Pink, Camilla, Zimmerman, Finders Keepers, etc. This mall is definitely worth a check out.


Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing Bus

I got a ticket from my hotel for the Hop On Hop Off sightseeing tour bus. It cost around SGD$40+ and is definitely worth going for if you’re looking to tour all the touristy spots in Sydney. They’ve got passes for 24 or 48 hours. I took cabs everywhere when I wasn’t on this bus and it costs around AUS$15-20 per cab ride, so the price for this sightseeing tour bus is definitely worth it.

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House was my first stop and I had brunch by the quay. The food was only average, but the view made up for the lacklustre meal and it was completely worth it.

This view

I went inside the Sydney Opera House to have a look around but there’s really nothing much inside. It’s much better from the outside. I hear that the Oyster Bar there is highly recommended for drinks at sunset or after dark.

There are 2 bus routes for the Hop On Hop Off. As I didn’t have enough time to explore every stop, I toured the stops from the bus and only got off at Central Station to switch to the Blue Route for Bondi Beach.

Me at Central Station. (I didn’t know that there was a smudge on my camera lens, so there’s this annoying smudge on all my subsequent pictures from here. 😦 )

Red Route:

Stop 1 – Alfred St
Stop 2 – Wynard
Stop 3 – QVB
Stop 4 – Town Hall
Stop 5 – William St
Stop 6 – Kings Cross
Stop 7 – El Alamein
Stop 8 – Woolloomoolloo
Stop 9 – Opera House
Stop 10 – Botanical Gardens
Stop 11 – State Library
Stop 12 – Hyde Park
Stop 13 – Aust Museum
Stop 14 – Central Station
Stop 15 – Power House
Stop 16 – Fish Markets
Stop 17 – Star City
Stop 18 – Maritime
Stop 19 – Convention Centre
Stop 20 – Imax
Stop 21 – Aquarium
Stop 22 – King St Wharf
Stop 23 – Campbells Cove
Stop 24 – The Rocks
Stop 25 – Circular Quay

Blue Route:

Stop 1 – Central Station
Stop 2 – Chinatown
Stop 3 – Sydney Tower
Stop 4 – William Street
Stop 5 – Paddington Town Hall
Stop 6 – Bondi Beach Terminal
Stop 7 – North Bondi
Stop 8 – Rose Bay
Stop 9 – Double Bay
Stop 10 – Australia Museum

Bondi Beach

This place is a must-visit for the beautiful coastal walk. Take a right turn from facing the sea and keep walking. The route is easy to follow and I promise that the view is spectacular. I was recommended to walk all the way to the cemetery at the top of the cliff but I didn’t make it all the way there as I didn’t have enough time.
View from the beach.

First landmark you’ll see on the walk. How amazing is this pool!

You also have to have the gelato from Messina at Bondi when you’re there. It’s located opposite the beach along the rows of shops. It’s super fresh and so yummy. Messina was made famous by Master Chef when the gelato was featured in one of their pressure tests. I hear there’s usually a long line of people waiting their turn for gelato. Lucky for me, there was no queue when I was there. 

Messina Gelato. Address: 6/61 Hall Street, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026, Australia

El Bulli Restaurant
I met a friend, Ruth for dinner at this Spanish Tapas restaurant at Surrey Hills that evening. Surrey Hills is a popular area for cafes and restaurants and once again, definitely worth a visit but first, find out where the good foods are. I definitely recommend El Bulli. The food is so so good! Do call and reserve a table if you would like to go though. I hear they usually fill up pretty fast. 
Extensive menu. Spoilt for choice!

I didn’t manage to get good shots of the food as the interior of the restaurant is pretty dark. We finally settled on the chilli mussels, potato croquette and garlic chicken wings. Yummehhhh and so worth every calorie. 

Louder Than Words

I watched this contemporary dance by the Sydney Dance Company at the Sydney Theatre after dinner. The show features two world premieres, one by Sydney Dance Company’s Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela and the other by European star Andonis Foniadakis. The set and energy of the dances blew me away. It’s by far the best contemporary dance performance I’ve ever watched. So glad that I managed to catch it during my short time in Sydney.

Sydney Ferry

The Harbour Bridge at night. This was taken after a short walk from the Sydney Theatre. 

Thank you, Ruth for showing me around Sydney!

We took the Sydney Ferry for Darling Harbour after the dance performance. We sat outside on the ferry and it was such an enjoyable ride. Again, the view along the way was amazing. I think it was especially nice at night with the lights from the buildings. I definitely recommend taking the ferry at night for the view and experience.

Lindt Chocolate Cafe / Darling Harbour

Ruth took me for some iced chocolate at the Darling Harbour. It was to-die-for. The drink tasted so fresh, was surprisingly refreshing and not sickeningly sweet. I’m usually not a fan of chocolate drinks because it’s so sweet…but this was a winner. 

There are lots of bars along Darling Harbour, so if you’re up for drinks, you can definitely head there.

I had the iced milk chocolate (left) and Ruth had the iced dark chocolate.

Best iced chocolate drink I’ve ever had. Man, I wish I could have some now.

It was midnight by the time we finished our chocolate drinks so we parted and I headed back for my hotel. What a wonderful day it was. So many firsts and so many spectacular sights. I remember going to bed very happy. 🙂 


Paddington Market
I woke up early on my last day in Sydney and headed to Paddington Market. It opens at 10am. The market was full of knick knacks, art, handicraft and jewellery. I covered the market pretty quickly and got these amazing skull candles. It made my trip to Paddington all worth it. 

I wish I could bring back one of each colour! 

CBD Shopping /Queen Victoria Building (QVB) / Pitt Street Mall
I headed for more shopping at the Central Business District after Paddington. This is my favourite shopping haunt by far. I like that there’s a mix of shops lined in rows outside and inside the malls, instead of them all being situated in a mall. I think I generally love wide open spaces. 

My favourite must-see places are The Strand and QVB. The architecture of these two buildings is very Victorian and so absolutely gorgeous. The Strand is stocked with lots of Australian designers. Definitely worth going if you’re looking to buy clothes, although it gets pricey. I went to The Art of Dr Seuss gallery when I was at QVB, got chocolate from Haigh’s (the milk chocolate strawberry blocks are delicious) and Bon Bon’s , stopped for lunch, got more Pandora and picked out clothes for my family from Marcs. It was a definite fruitful shopping trip. 

 Inside The Strand
Inside QVB

I headed back to the hotel to stash my shopping and pick up my luggage for the airport after QVB. Sydney was really good to me throughout the whole time I was there. I’m the sort who really enjoy being by myself sometimes, so it was really nice to be able to explore the city on my own. The nature walks did me good and gave me space to empty my mind to think and reflect, and the sights and sounds of the bustling city areas gave me inspiration. Sydney is a great balance of wide open spaces and city life. Thank you, Sydney! I’m sure I’ll be back again some day. 


Happy Feet :)

I’m here in Bangkok over the weekend and just had a super awesome foot massage. I’ve tried many many foot massages here in Bangkok before and this is probably one of the best I’ve had. The massage parlour is not super fancy – it’s clean and slightly nicer than most massage parlours littered all over Bangkok. All credit goes to the therapist, Kan. She hit all the right points on my foot, back and shoulders and I felt all the tension in my body literally melt away.

If you do come to Bangkok, here’s where to find her:

Chang Foot Massage
Siam Square Soi 6 (Near Novotel Hotel)
Tel: +662 654 6339