5e9a8-img_0042 If you follow me on Instagram (@xoxojeneen), you’ll see that I recently went to The Canopi Resort and stayed for a night. This beautiful resort is located in Bintan, a stone’s throw away from Singapore –  take a 1 hour ferry ride and you’ll literally reach paradise.

The resort is nestled amidst the luxuriant greenery and forestry of Bintan and boasts a saltwater lagoon for water sports (man-made so it’s super pristine) and a private mangrove river for kayaking.

Built for the adventure seekers who still want luxury and comfort (me!), each suite room is an individual luxurious tent for you to camp in, glamorous style. The interior of the tent is something I would #interiorgoals – it has a beautiful four poster bed, luxe safari-theme furniture complete with a lush outdoor bathroom.


As I was only there for slightly over 24 hours, it was a real struggle to choose to stay in and laze in the beautiful tent or head out for one of the many activities available. I headed out in the end and packed as many activities as I could in the day and retired earlier than usual in the evening to enjoy the comforts of the tent.
On the first day, I did the water sport activities: solar boat ride, cable ski wakeboarding (must do!) and jetovator (must do! – see pic below). I haven’t done water sports in a while and I’ve almost forgotten how fun they can be. I’ve wakeboarded before, so it wasn’t difficult for me but I took a while to get a hang of the jetovator. Once you do, I promise that it’s worth it. It’s a major plus that the water in the lagoon is so super clean, so if you’re slightly OCD like me, you’ll be totally fine even if you fall in it.
Before I checked out of the resort the next day, I tried my hand at the segway and the ATV ride. I love ATV rides and have tried a few trails in different countries. I must say that this is the best land trail that I’ve been on. You get to manoeuvre through rough terrains, muddy tracks and up and down a forest trail. I’d go back to The Canopi just to ride on the ATV again.
I had so much fun and thoroughly enjoyed my short stay at the resort. I’ll go back in a heartbeat and will stay for a longer period if I can take time off work! For more information on the resort and to book your stay, click HERE.


This is a sponsored media trip, but all opinions expressed are my own. 


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