Road trip day 01: Phillip Island

The first day of our road trip took us to Phillip Island. We left Melbourne behind schedule – as usual because we tend to be so chill and oh-so-slow (haha) – and reached Phillip Island around mid-afternoon. We were going to spend a night there and I had a couple of day activity options for us. The evening was reserved for the Penguin Parade, a must-visit at Phillip Island. I had planned to either visit the Koala Conservation Centre and tree top boardwalks or go to Churchill Island Heritage Farm for some farming activities like sheep shearing demonstration, cow milking, etc. Because we were late in getting into Phillip Island, we had missed most of the farming activities so we decided to head for the Koala Conservation Centre. 
We had a wonderful time at the Koala Conservation Centre cooing over how adorable the koalas looked just hanging and chilling on the gum trees, walking along the nature trail trying to spot as many animals as we could – we only managed to spot kangaroos, making monkey faces and showing all sorta bad signs for silly pictures (we really never do grow up!) and trying to get serious with #OOTD shots. I was wearing a hat from ASOS, jacket from Zara, shorts from Wardrobe Theory and boots from Topshop. Can you spot the koala in my picture above? I know the kangaroo picture is pretty obvious. 
Because we didn’t manage to go to the farm, I can’t compare which activity is better if you only had 1 day to spend on Phillip Island, but you can cover the Koala Conservation Centre pretty quickly if you’re not so into taking pictures. So, you can probably head there first if you get into the island early and then go to the farm for all the activities. The farm activities only start from 2pm. 
We checked into our bed and breakfast after hanging with the koalas and I still cannot stop gushing about our accommodation choice. I was already pretty excited before we got there because I had researched before and the pictures of the place looked amazing on the website. It was not until I got there that I felt like I had literally died and gone to heaven. I only wish I took more pictures of the studio en-suite room that we got but I was too excited about everything to remember to take pictures. This b&b called Kitty Miller Bay fits only 2 people and it’s like a mini house that is an extension of the main house. It’s got a small pantry area, huge bathroom, comfortable bed and ceiling to floor glass doors that overlook the most amazing view of the vast fields and blue ocean. My pictures from above don’t even do the place justice. I wish we had more time at the b&b and I would go back in a heartbeat if I were to head to Melbourne again. Here’s the link to check the place out: .
We had to peel ourselves from the beautiful b&b to head for the Penguin Parade before we missed the whole show. I’m glad we made it on time because again, we had a wonderful time watching the tiniest penguins head onto shore – so cute to see them ‘lil creatures pop out from the waters and cross the sandy beach to their burrow homes. They swim across the ocean to another island for food every day – honestly I don’t know how their tiny bodies do it because how tiring is it to swim in the ocean with the strong current and waves?! – and return with food every evening to feed their babies. They travel in groups to guard against enemies like eagles and big birds swooping overhead and it’s so incredibly cute to watch them wait for one another to reach the sand and then totter quickly in groups towards the grassy patch to look for their homes. I have no idea again how they find their burrow…there are no proper roads or trails for them and there are SO many burrows littered everywhere! 
We were in luck that it was chick rearing season so we could watch and observe so many of these little penguins return to their nests to their penguin babies. So many of these babies came out of their nests waiting impatiently for their moms to get home with food. They were sooooo cute I wish I could touch them and maybe even bring a couple home. A word of warning that it gets incredibly cold at the Penguin Parade. It generally is quite cold at Phillip Island but you need to really cover up with a thick jacket and bring a scarf even at the penguin area. It’s outdoors and the chilly winds are really strong. I was freezing there! 
Jon and I got up really early the next day to try and catch the sunrise…but guess what, the rain rained on our parade!! Haha…and then we went back to bed, and of course, woke up too late. Argh!! We left Phillip Island after exploring the area around our B&B and taking (more) pictures and OOTD shots with me in Wardrobe Theory’s Bloom In Love dress. 
As you can see from the above picture, I lugged my entire set of IDS Clinic skincare products everywhere I went. My skin had just cleared up awhile before and I was not taking any chances. It could be due to me religiously slapping on all that products and the 4-Step Hydro Therapeutics Treatment that I did just before I left, but my skin stayed clear and bright throughout the trip, making me one happy girl. A little more about the treatment that I’ve been raving about to all my friends -it really helps get rid of those annoying small white/blackheads that stay on your face forever! Step 1 involves a water microdermabrasion with a Hydrafacial equipment to get rid of dead skin cells. Then, ultrasound is combined with a skin scubber to remove those nasty black/white heads. Some minor extraction is involved in this step for stubborn zits. After all the nasty stuff is removed from your face, a combination of multi-vitamins and whitening serum is penetrated into your skin with Iontophoresis technology. Finally, a mask will be used, depending on skin type to seal in all the goodness. A whitening mask was used on me and the results after the 4 steps was super glowy and overall radiant skin that lasts and lasts. Doesn’t it all sound amazing? You’ve got to try and witness the results yourself. I can’t wait to go for my next treatment! 
More on road trip day 02 in the next post! 

Ho Chi Minh Adventures

I went to Ho Chi Minh for a very short break with a few girlfriends over the long National Day weekend. Being last minute as always, we were left only with flights to Ho Chi Minh, Manila and Jakarta for that weekend. Ho Chi Minh got the most votes, so we packed our bags and flew over for a short 3D2N stay.

We got a suite at Nikko Hotel Saigon that fit us 4 perfectly – it was like a major slumber party sleepover.
Here’s us at the entrance of the hotel. The interior of the hotel was very ‘Japanese styled’, with muted cream/nude colour schemes and clean furnishings. I’m not the biggest fan of such interior design, but it had an overall calming effect. Very apt for a super chill holiday.
We really didn’t do very much. All we did was eat, massage, wash hair (very random I know) and shop at 1 mall. No sight-seeing since we’ve all been to HCM. Oh, we did go to the supermarket to stock up on snacks – lots and lots of it…because everything is so cheap. 
Here are some recommendations: 
Co-Op Supermarket
168 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu Dist 3 HCMC
We went to the Co-Op Supermarket (opened by NTUC Fair Price) and stocked up most on Nescafe 3-in-1 Cafe Viet. Another friend tasked us to buy it for her and of course, we had to get so many for ourselves too. I must say it’s delicious! Now I wish I had bought more. 
These Jackfruit Chips are super yummy. The Banana Chips from the same brand is good too.
Vincom Center
70 – 72 Le Thanh Ton | District 1Ho Chi Minh CityVietnam
This show was taken at Vincom Centre – the only mall we visited where Chanel, Hermes and a couple of other brands are housed. There’s also an Emporio Armani cafe nearby.

The architecture of the building is gorgeous. This area is very quaint. Definitely worth a visit. 
Pho Hung
241-3 Nguyen Trai St | 10 Nguyen Thi Nghia, Q.1Ho Chi Minh CityVietnam
The Pho at this place is super yummy. This bowl is the chef’s recommendation, named Special Pho Hung. When in doubt, always go for the chef’s recommendation.

The drip coffee there…not so happening though. Maybe I’m just not a fan of drip coffee. It’s super super sweet.

Pho Hung’s menu – check out the english/mandarin translations, especially the mandarin in #4. I laughed till my sides split and tears were rolling down my face. 
Miu Miu2 Spa
4 Chu Manh TrinhHo Chi Minh CityVietnam
The prices were super cheap, service was good and interior was nice. We went there 2 days in a row for foot and body massages.
Tokyo BBQ

 We stumbled upon the best Japanese restaurant around the corner of the spa. The bbq beef was fantastic, salmon fresh and the kimchi stew was really good. We ordered seconds of everything.

We had seafood and went to a couple more eateries but the food were all not rave-worthy, so this is all I have for you guys. 
Before heading out for the night. The hair is nicely in place because we went to get our hair washed and blown after the spa massage. Being so used to Salon Vim’s pampering and hair wash techniques, I’m not sure if I’ll have another wash should I go back to HCM again. The hairstylist was basically using her long nails to scratch at my scalp throughout the wash and it was just  plain, ouch.

We’ll stay gold forever.
These girls are definitely keepers.
….till the next adventure!

Destination: Bali

Can’t wait for Monday to come around because that’s when I’ll be off for a short getaway to Bali with KLM Airlines. These are some of the pieces that I’ll be taking with me this trip. I usually try and plan outfits in my head so that I don’t overpack…leaves me space for shopping!
I have to say a big ‘Thank You’ to KLM and Gushcloud for sending me on this trip (and on Business class too! *squeals*). Bali has always been a place that I’ll like to visit, but haven’t had the chance to yet. 🙂 It’s also going to be my first time flying with KLM! I did some googling to find out more about this Dutch airline and found that they had daily flights to Bali at a really reasonable cost. It costs $200 & up for Economy with hot meals served on board and $574 including taxes for Business. How very affordable! The daily flight timing is convenient too. Late noon flights out, and late evening flights back. 
I peeked (and liked) their Facebook page and found that KLM is currently running a ‘Ik hou van Bali!’ (I Love Bali!) campaign. Like the KLM Facebook page, tell them when you travel to Bali and a surprise might await you. How fun! You can go to their Facebook page: for this campaign, or for other fun campaigns, exclusive offers and games. 
I haven’t even gone to Bali yet, but I’m already making a mental note to myself to definitely check out KLM flights on my next trip. Tata everyone! I’m off to finish packing! xoxo
P/S You can check out awesome flight deals to Bali on KLM here! :


The boy and I took a much needed holiday to Phuket. It was lovely shutting off the phone, electronic devices, and shutting off work from our minds. We can be such workaholics sometimes. This is one of the rare beach holidays that I’ve taken, and I truly enjoyed the resort and awesome view that surrounded us. 
Twin Palms, Phuket. 
Our room.
Isn’t it great, how huge the bathroom is? 
These ‘words of wisdoms’ are peppered all over the resort. 
More words of wisdom. 
A map, and we’re off!
We rode a bike around Phuket and this is just one of the awesome sights we passed. 
We stopped at the lights and saw this cute pooch balancing on the bike! 
He looked like he was really enjoying himself!
We chilled by the beach when we got tired of riding. This is when I found out that I have a fear of swimming in the sea. I go into panic mode when the waves engulf me. I’ll much rather sit on the beach, and look at the sea. No swimming please, thank you very much.
The view was literally breath-taking. 
Sunset. Too beautiful.

Chilling by the pool.
We met this friendly pitbull at a beach bar.

Too friendly perhaps? Haha.

These gas pit-stops can be found all over Phuket! 

This dog reminded me of the dog, Jack, that I once had.
Dinner time! We were mostly disappointed by the food in Phuket. The holiday would have been even more perfect if we have amazing food to go along. 
And a final parting shot. 

[♥] Seoul Lovin’ Part #2

Streets of Namdemun

Lots of stalls selling dog’s clothes. Very cute! Got a cute little dress and singlet for my sister’s dog, Moon. I wanted to get some for Domo, but he’s already got a closetful of clothes…so I decided against it.

Spotted this super funky and retro looking gold suit for sale. Who’s going to buy it?

Tons of designer knock-offs. You can find Coach, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Fendi, Anya Hindmarch all under one roof.

Love those rice cakes floating in the soup.

Korean ginseng in every form. Mum was totally convinced of it’s health beneficial properties and went slightly crazy buying.

Goodness in a bottle.

Slightly amazed by this roadside stall overflowing with garlic. I bet this is every chinese vampire’s nightmare! Hurhur.

So apparently, Crystal Jade is world famous.

The food from Crystal Jade Singapore is way better.

Spotted this huge 3-D Smurf poster! They’re looking all fluffy and cute!

Gourmet burgers. A must have in Korea! Reminds me of LA’s In-and-Out.

Lots of pretty cafes all around.