I Fell In Love With Boracay

For those who are following my Instagram account, @thepinkflaregirl, you’d have seen the gorgeous pictures of Boracay (like this one below) that I posted. 
Roomie, Kay Kay and I on a speedboat cruising into the sunset on our way to parasail.
I was completely blown away by the beauty of Boracay and fell absolutely in love with it.  Almost every picture taken there was completely picturesque and such a dream. Thank you Gushcloud and Tiger Air for sending us there! A big thank you too to our accomodations, The District Boracay for the wonderful hospitality. I’ll recommend this luxurious hotel to anyone who’s thinking of going to Boracay. I loved the contemporary, minimalist design, the staff are really warm and friendly, and the location is superb; it’s right by the beach. The beach is literally right outside its door step. You can trust me on The District Boracay. I’m usually fussy with accommodations. 
The District Boracay – see what I mean by having the beach right at its doorstep?
There’s so much to love about Boracay – the soft white sand, clear blue waters, iridescent sunsets, yummy and affordable seafood, delicious fruit shakes (must-try!), beachside cafes…and the people are generally nice and friendly too. You don’t get shot dirty looks when you decide not to buy something from a shop. Water sports and activities are also affordable, the beach not overcrowded and it’s easy and convenient to get around. Most places are walkable, or you can hop onto a tuk tuk (similar to Bangkok’s) to take you to your destination. Oh, and massages are very affordable too! I was getting foot massages everyday when I was there (super happy!). I’ll recommend that you hit ‘Manggo Spa’ located along the beach at Station 2. The spa premise is very clean and the prices are affordable. I paid 490pesos (about S$15) for a foot massage. We tried some dodgy massage shops. Although cheaper, but the experience was definitely less pleasant. Also, as travel time to Boracay is quite long (we took a 4hr flight, 1.5hr bus ride, half hour ferry ride and then 15 min bus ride to get to our hotel), so I’ll recommend a longer stay there – at least 3 full days or more. 
These are some activities that I did and recommend:
Snorkling and Island Hopping
I didn’t quite enjoy the snorkling – the water wasn’t very clear and there weren’t many variety of fishes. We spotted 1 rainbow coloured fish and lots of clown fishes. Getting to Puka beach however, was completely worth the trip. Puka beach is absolutely beautiful. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.  
Kay Kay, Joanna, Valerie, Szes, Jolene, Lucinda and Sheena – before hitting Puka beach. 
It reads, ‘PUKA’ if you’re wondering what the sticks are.
With Nicole, Serene, Melody, Joanna and Tricia

Mandatory jump shot at the beach! (we took jump shots at our last Gushcloud trip to Bali last year too) From left to right: Sheena, Rosanne, Me, Kay Kay, Melody, Tricia, Serene, Lucinda, Kife, Szes, Jolene, Valerie, Fiona, Nicole, Joanna, Lydia.

With the Gushcloud team, Audrey, Xuen, Sheena, Jasmine and Freda.


This was one of my favourite activities. I was so wishing that I could go a lot faster with the ATV vehicle, but we had to be in one line. We drove up and did a mini hike up to the highest point of Boracay. Again, it was absolutely beautiful.

The ATV vehicles

The view from the top.
Left to right: Rosanne, Lucinda, Kay Kay, Tricia, Me, Serene, Jolene, Audrey.
Check out Serene’s hair that completed the ‘E’! Oh why was my ‘L’ lopsided. 😦 
Helmet Diving

As I posted on Instagram, those who dive for real will probably find helmet diving really gay. But it was my first time so deep underwater – 5m, walking on the ocean bed and feeding fishes. So fun! You wear these huge helmets (that are super heavy) with tubes attached and you can breathe completely normal and not get your face and hair wet at all underwater.

The helmets
Us all underwater.
Here’s a short video to give you a sense of what helmet diving is like.
Definitely my favourite activity. It was so surreal and calming to be up so high and again I say, the view was magnificent. Although Kay Kay and I did have a somewhat physics discussion of what would happen if the parasail ropes snapped and we tumbled into the sea and we were worried about how we were going to land at first because we had no clue and were slightly scared. We eventually found out that we landed really gracefully with the speedboat reeling our line in slowly till our feet touched the boat. Phew! Oh, and you have to do this at sunset! It’s makes the whole experience even more amazing with the view. 

With Althea, Freda and Kay Kay on the speedboat. 

And off we went!
…and higher…
Food Recommendations: 
It was superb traveling with Lady Iron Chef because he’ll have his readers recommend the must tries and would have done his homework before helping us decide where to eat.

Located at Station 2, the menu had a wide selection of Filipino cuisine with a hint of Asian fusion. I’ll recommend the salted egg rice, seafood platter, and curry pork dish. The pork leg was supposedly recommended, but it failed to live up to its standards. Food was overall good and the ambience was nice.
Talipapa Market

Awaiting our food at Talipapa Market. No doubt a bunch of bloggers we are – we  whip out our phones at every chance!
A shot with Melody whilst waiting for our food.
This place has an interesting concept where you have to buy your seafood from the various stalls at the market and then bring it to a separate restaurant to have them cook for you. Seafood is definitely very fresh, but you have to haggle prices. 
Cyma Greek Taverna
Located at D’Mall, Station 2. The rib eye steak and crab pasta is a must-try. The steak is super juicy and tender, and the crab pasta is super yummy. 
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Till we meet again Boracay!


One sleep away from Boracay

I’m fighting the sleep monster as I’m typing this post. It’s been a crazy work week with the rush for Christmas launches on Pink Flare and everything else rolled into one. I feel like I need to repay my sleep debt desperately (if there’s even such a thing) and I long to have just one day of doing absolutely nothing. 
So, enough of whining. It looks like my wish is going to come true really really soon cos’ I’ll be off to Boracay tomorrow! Yipee! Thank you Tigerair and Gushcloud! Just googled for images of Boracay and these are my search results:

How beautiful is this place?! I’m jiggling with excitement already just thinking of the glorious sun, sand and beach…and all the adventures we’re going to have. We’re going to be traveling in a big group this time – all 28 of us bloggers and peeps from Gushcloud. Can’t wait to fly! 🙂 
Before I go pack my luggage, here’s a heads up:
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…till I’m back, 


Bali [KLM x Gushcloud] Part II

This continuation post to Bali Part I was supposed to have been done way earlier. However, the sudden passing of my grandfather left me really sad and busy with funeral preparations. Haven’t been in much of a mood for anything happy since, but I had a rather good dream of him last night. So, I’m feeling all better already and am ready to blog happier things. 

The other gorgeous Gushcloud bloggers have finished their Bali posts long ago, so some of you may have already seen what we did and have gone through all the photo moments. But! Do look at my photo barrage post anyway…because I’m sure you can’t get enough of us! 😀
Day 3
We headed to Potato Head Beach Club at Seminyak. The club was beautiful, and the beach beside was even more gorgeous! The sand was super soft and sparkled in the sun. It was paradise on earth.

With roomie, Sophia.

The menu at the club.

Gorgeous beach.
Cutie-pie Donna.

Reiee & Tricia.


Carmen and Sheena.

Whoopee! We wasted no time and headed straight for the beach after wolfing down our meals!
Happy smiles. 🙂

Introducing, Eric. Love his hair!

Lone ranger on the beach. I tried to play with him, but he seemed afraid and didn’t take to me much.

Jump shots, again! Can you see the sand sparkling? 


The water was so inviting, we couldn’t wait to get in. We changed and were chasing waves and having so much fun until 2 guys who are working on the beach came round to tell us not to swim in the sea because 3 guys drowned right at the spot we were at just the day before! The waves and currents are apparently too strong ! Yikes.

Funny candid. 

Group shot!

And suddenly, a horse came by!

I’ve always loved horses. 🙂 

Kay Kay, you so hot!

And we ended our fun at Potato Head by soaking in their pool.

We all trooped to Toya spa for a pampering session after a day in the sun. The experience there was so terrible that I didn’t take any pictures at all. Don’t go there! It’s overpriced nonsense. A complete rip off. We spent our last night clubbing at Bounty and Sky Lounge, and once again…no pictures from me. Oops…Fun night though!

Day 4

 Headed to Sea Circus with the roomates the next day (we all woke up super late from clubbing the night before!).

Cute place. Pity we were so late we missed their breakfast/brunch menu. 😦
Beef sandwich and latte. 


Wearing my favourite Pink Flare dress!
Outside Sea Circus. (Photo stolen off Sophia’s blog!)
Sophia and I walked around and did some light shopping.
#ootd…yes, even in Bali. Haha.
This little shop got us 2 really excited. Such pretty homeware, and cheap too! We didn’t have much time and had to rush the shopping a little. (Photo stolen off Sophia’s blog again. Not enough time to shop…let alone to take pictures! :p) We rushed back to pack our bags after and it was time to bid Bali ‘goodbye’.

Final few shots of our resort.

Back on KLM! Pity we didn’t have the time for the lounge.

We flew back on economy this time, just so we’ll know how both the business and economy classes were. Economy didn’t disappoint! Comfortable seat, good entertainment system, and yummy hot meals. 🙂


Thank you KLM, Goodway Hotel, Gushcloud and Bali for the lovely time and for being such wonderful hosts.
See you all again soon!
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 Do also check out KLM’s fun Passport app. You can compile your travel photos and make a video out of it!


Bali [KLM x Gushcloud] Part I

I’m bacckkkk! If you read my earlier entry, you’ll know that I was sent away with a bunch of awesome bloggers to Bali by KLM Airlines and Gushcloud. We spent a fantastic 4 days exploring Bali and taking in the sights and sounds. I had so much fun! Bali is such a beautiful and culture rich place that spending just 4 days there was simply not enough. I’ll let my pictures do the talking! (warning: a photo heavy entry with lots of hot babes!) 
Day 1
We were flown to Bali on Business Class. *woo hoo!
Awesome leg room.
Super comfy seats that could recline into a flat bed. Damn, I wished I was on a much longer flight.

With Eric.
In-flight amenity kit. Viktor & Rolf no less!
Delicious meal. (I chose beef.)
Yay, we’re off to Bali! 🙂
We were each given one of these cute KLM Delft Blue Houses toward the end of the flight. There are 92 of these houses to be collected! 
A bit of history: From 1952, these houses are given to passengers on board every KLM Intercontinental flights in the World Business Class. These original Delft Blue miniature houses are real copies of the gable houses alongside the canals in Amsterdam and from other historical towns in Holland. 
A flight to Bali on KLM’s World Business Class is only $574 including taxes. How very affordable! You can check out their flight deals here:
And after flying for 2+ hours, we’re here!! 
We checked into Goodway Hotel at Nusa Dua. The resort had a lovely rustic, Indonesian flair. 

From left to right: Tricia, Me, Sophia, Tammy, Roger (GM of Goodway Hotel), Donna, Kay Kay, Reiee & Eric.

I bunked into a huge 2 room suite with Sophia (my roomie), Carmen and Sheena – our ‘nannies’ from Gushcloud.

Carmen & Sheena’s ‘romantic’ room.

Mine and Sophia’s room.
We headed to Kuta to feed our hungry stomachs and checked out some clubs around the area after. 

The Engine Room.

With Reiee and Tricia.

Day 2

We started the day by heading to an Elephant Safari for elephant rides. I felt really mean for sitting on an elephant and having the poor thing carry so much weight. I also have in my head that elephants (and all wild animals) rightfully belong in the wild and that they are miserable when kept captive. 

However, the elephant trainer told me and Sophia and that by keeping these elephants, they are actually saving them from poaching in the wild. The chances of their survival is much higher when they are kept in captive….so it goes back to the chicken and egg problem where humans should not be poaching wild animals vs keeping them safe in captivity (but having them all miserable and sad?). So anyway, the boy told me when I got back that he has heard about animal activist groups in Bali who keep elephants to ensure their survival and that they are treated well and good etc. It made me feel slightly feel better about riding one, but I’m still annoyed with all the poaching and cruelty to animals inflicted by stupid humans.

This lil cutie was very fascinated by my arm candies and kept touching and trying to yank it off my arm. (His hands felt really cold!)
A scary looking reptile. The trainer is checking it’s tail for any cuts or irregularities.

Elephant Parade
Sheena & Eric

Roomie Sophia & I. How cute is she with the flowers in her hair and all!
Tammy & Donna

Meet Donny Crazy! He’s 15 years old. 🙂 
We went to Jimbaran beach after the Elephant Safari where we watched a gorgeous sunset, took lots of Tumblr inspired shots and had a delicious seafood dinner under the moonlight. 
Tricia & I

Me, Tammy & Sophia
Super delicious roasted corn. 

Gorgeous sunset

Lone ranger on the beach.
Aviator twins (Photo stolen off Sophia’s blog. Her camera takes awesome pictures!)
I’ve always wanted to have a shot like this. 🙂 

Jump shot #fail.


So happy to be here!

With Sheena, Carmen & Freda, the Gushcloud minders.
Sophia. 🙂
These shots were taken off Tammy’s blog. So pretty!!