Bali [KLM x Gushcloud] Part II

This continuation post to Bali Part I was supposed to have been done way earlier. However, the sudden passing of my grandfather left me really sad and busy with funeral preparations. Haven’t been in much of a mood for anything happy since, but I had a rather good dream of him last night. So, I’m feeling all better already and am ready to blog happier things. 

The other gorgeous Gushcloud bloggers have finished their Bali posts long ago, so some of you may have already seen what we did and have gone through all the photo moments. But! Do look at my photo barrage post anyway…because I’m sure you can’t get enough of us! 😀
Day 3
We headed to Potato Head Beach Club at Seminyak. The club was beautiful, and the beach beside was even more gorgeous! The sand was super soft and sparkled in the sun. It was paradise on earth.

With roomie, Sophia.

The menu at the club.

Gorgeous beach.
Cutie-pie Donna.

Reiee & Tricia.


Carmen and Sheena.

Whoopee! We wasted no time and headed straight for the beach after wolfing down our meals!
Happy smiles. 🙂

Introducing, Eric. Love his hair!

Lone ranger on the beach. I tried to play with him, but he seemed afraid and didn’t take to me much.

Jump shots, again! Can you see the sand sparkling? 


The water was so inviting, we couldn’t wait to get in. We changed and were chasing waves and having so much fun until 2 guys who are working on the beach came round to tell us not to swim in the sea because 3 guys drowned right at the spot we were at just the day before! The waves and currents are apparently too strong ! Yikes.

Funny candid. 

Group shot!

And suddenly, a horse came by!

I’ve always loved horses. 🙂 

Kay Kay, you so hot!

And we ended our fun at Potato Head by soaking in their pool.

We all trooped to Toya spa for a pampering session after a day in the sun. The experience there was so terrible that I didn’t take any pictures at all. Don’t go there! It’s overpriced nonsense. A complete rip off. We spent our last night clubbing at Bounty and Sky Lounge, and once again…no pictures from me. Oops…Fun night though!

Day 4

 Headed to Sea Circus with the roomates the next day (we all woke up super late from clubbing the night before!).

Cute place. Pity we were so late we missed their breakfast/brunch menu. 😦
Beef sandwich and latte. 


Wearing my favourite Pink Flare dress!
Outside Sea Circus. (Photo stolen off Sophia’s blog!)
Sophia and I walked around and did some light shopping.
#ootd…yes, even in Bali. Haha.
This little shop got us 2 really excited. Such pretty homeware, and cheap too! We didn’t have much time and had to rush the shopping a little. (Photo stolen off Sophia’s blog again. Not enough time to shop…let alone to take pictures! :p) We rushed back to pack our bags after and it was time to bid Bali ‘goodbye’.

Final few shots of our resort.

Back on KLM! Pity we didn’t have the time for the lounge.

We flew back on economy this time, just so we’ll know how both the business and economy classes were. Economy didn’t disappoint! Comfortable seat, good entertainment system, and yummy hot meals. 🙂


Thank you KLM, Goodway Hotel, Gushcloud and Bali for the lovely time and for being such wonderful hosts.
See you all again soon!
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