Bali [KLM x Gushcloud] Part I

I’m bacckkkk! If you read my earlier entry, you’ll know that I was sent away with a bunch of awesome bloggers to Bali by KLM Airlines and Gushcloud. We spent a fantastic 4 days exploring Bali and taking in the sights and sounds. I had so much fun! Bali is such a beautiful and culture rich place that spending just 4 days there was simply not enough. I’ll let my pictures do the talking! (warning: a photo heavy entry with lots of hot babes!) 
Day 1
We were flown to Bali on Business Class. *woo hoo!
Awesome leg room.
Super comfy seats that could recline into a flat bed. Damn, I wished I was on a much longer flight.

With Eric.
In-flight amenity kit. Viktor & Rolf no less!
Delicious meal. (I chose beef.)
Yay, we’re off to Bali! 🙂
We were each given one of these cute KLM Delft Blue Houses toward the end of the flight. There are 92 of these houses to be collected! 
A bit of history: From 1952, these houses are given to passengers on board every KLM Intercontinental flights in the World Business Class. These original Delft Blue miniature houses are real copies of the gable houses alongside the canals in Amsterdam and from other historical towns in Holland. 
A flight to Bali on KLM’s World Business Class is only $574 including taxes. How very affordable! You can check out their flight deals here:;sz=300×250;ord=%5Btimestamp%5D?
And after flying for 2+ hours, we’re here!! 
We checked into Goodway Hotel at Nusa Dua. The resort had a lovely rustic, Indonesian flair. 

From left to right: Tricia, Me, Sophia, Tammy, Roger (GM of Goodway Hotel), Donna, Kay Kay, Reiee & Eric.

I bunked into a huge 2 room suite with Sophia (my roomie), Carmen and Sheena – our ‘nannies’ from Gushcloud.

Carmen & Sheena’s ‘romantic’ room.

Mine and Sophia’s room.
We headed to Kuta to feed our hungry stomachs and checked out some clubs around the area after. 

The Engine Room.

With Reiee and Tricia.

Day 2

We started the day by heading to an Elephant Safari for elephant rides. I felt really mean for sitting on an elephant and having the poor thing carry so much weight. I also have in my head that elephants (and all wild animals) rightfully belong in the wild and that they are miserable when kept captive. 

However, the elephant trainer told me and Sophia and that by keeping these elephants, they are actually saving them from poaching in the wild. The chances of their survival is much higher when they are kept in captive….so it goes back to the chicken and egg problem where humans should not be poaching wild animals vs keeping them safe in captivity (but having them all miserable and sad?). So anyway, the boy told me when I got back that he has heard about animal activist groups in Bali who keep elephants to ensure their survival and that they are treated well and good etc. It made me feel slightly feel better about riding one, but I’m still annoyed with all the poaching and cruelty to animals inflicted by stupid humans.

This lil cutie was very fascinated by my arm candies and kept touching and trying to yank it off my arm. (His hands felt really cold!)
A scary looking reptile. The trainer is checking it’s tail for any cuts or irregularities.

Elephant Parade
Sheena & Eric

Roomie Sophia & I. How cute is she with the flowers in her hair and all!
Tammy & Donna

Meet Donny Crazy! He’s 15 years old. 🙂 
We went to Jimbaran beach after the Elephant Safari where we watched a gorgeous sunset, took lots of Tumblr inspired shots and had a delicious seafood dinner under the moonlight. 
Tricia & I

Me, Tammy & Sophia
Super delicious roasted corn. 

Gorgeous sunset

Lone ranger on the beach.
Aviator twins (Photo stolen off Sophia’s blog. Her camera takes awesome pictures!)
I’ve always wanted to have a shot like this. 🙂 

Jump shot #fail.


So happy to be here!

With Sheena, Carmen & Freda, the Gushcloud minders.
Sophia. 🙂
These shots were taken off Tammy’s blog. So pretty!!


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