One sleep away from Boracay

I’m fighting the sleep monster as I’m typing this post. It’s been a crazy work week with the rush for Christmas launches on Pink Flare and everything else rolled into one. I feel like I need to repay my sleep debt desperately (if there’s even such a thing) and I long to have just one day of doing absolutely nothing. 
So, enough of whining. It looks like my wish is going to come true really really soon cos’ I’ll be off to Boracay tomorrow! Yipee! Thank you Tigerair and Gushcloud! Just googled for images of Boracay and these are my search results:

How beautiful is this place?! I’m jiggling with excitement already just thinking of the glorious sun, sand and beach…and all the adventures we’re going to have. We’re going to be traveling in a big group this time – all 28 of us bloggers and peeps from Gushcloud. Can’t wait to fly! 🙂 
Before I go pack my luggage, here’s a heads up:
Tigerair is giving the year a grand finish with $1 million worth of flights in their year-end draw. There are $1 million (wow!) worth of flights to be won. 100 lucky travellers will walk away with $10,000 worth of flight credits each – how generous! 
Every booking you make with Tigerair gives you 1 chance in the draw. Winners can start using their flight credit from 1 Jan 2014 and also share it with a travel partner. This campaign is on-going from now until 15 Dec. 
Hurry go book your Tigerair flights and stand a chance to win! 
For more information and details:

…till I’m back,