Current Favourite Foundation

Current Favourite Foundation

One of the absolute favourite parts of my job is that I get to try all these amazing beauty products. I always get so excited to try them out when I get them! Of all the products that I test, some of them make it into my makeup routine, like the Max Factor Facefinity 3-In-1 Foundation. This is the latest product that I tested that got me really excited. It’s a primer, concealer and foundation all in one – such a perfect multi-tasker for my busy schedule.

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The Ginza Calla Difference

I admit that I’m slightly biased with anything ‘made in’, or ‘from’ Japan. My experience from working with Japan Airlines as a flight attendant has proven that the Japanese are a bunch of very hardworking people and they are extremely focused on customer service and giving their consumers the best quality products and services. I’ve always been a huge fan and trusted Japanese skincare and beauty solutions. I figured that Asian beauty solutions should suit us much better, right?

I jumped at the opportunity when I was given the chance to review the new IPL salon in town, Ginza Calla. This renowned Japanese hair removal specialist store has been around in Tokyo for over 20 years and by far, they’ve got 30 stores located across Japan. Their first Singapore store is located conveniently at the new wing of Plaza Singapura (#04-55). I went for my appointment without much expectations as I’ve done IPL treatments before and the sessions are usually no frills (with no pampering whatsoever) and very quick. 

It turns out that Ginza Calla is unlike no other IPL treatments that I’ve tried before. This Japanese specialist not only pays attention to removing your hair, they also take care of your skin before and after the IPL session.  

The therapist explained the entire procedure before my treamtment session and I filled in a questionnaire to make sure that I was fit to undergo the IPL session. 

The therapist first spread a cooling gel on my legs in preparation of the IPL treatment. She then proceeded with the IPL. The entire process was pain-free and super fuzz free. Here’s a tip for those going for the IPL treatment, shave the day before and not on the actual day so that your skin is not extra sensitive on IPL day from shaving!

And here’s the Ginza Calla difference that got me sold. 

Five pulses of light
While other IPL treatments deliver 3 pulses of light per shot, Ginza Calla’s delivers 5. This makes the treatments even more effective and hair growth will be greatly reduced after 12-18 sessions. 
Bihadajunbi Lotion
This part of the treatment was what impressed me most. After the IPL treatment, my skin was doused in this moisturizing Bihadajunbi lotion from a high powered jet spray machine. Developed by dermatologists, this lotion is packed with moisturizing properties such as Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen to keep your skin supple and moisturized. The jet spray allows for better penetration of the lotion into deeper layers of the skin and ensures 95 percent moisture retention rate. The cool blast of air from the jet spray was very welcoming and calmed my skin after the IPL treatment leaving my skin feeling refreshed and comfortable.
This is the Bihadajunbi jet-spray machine.

Here are my legs being pampered with the moisturizing lotion after IPL.
After application of cooling pads, my skin was doused with this deliciously moisturizing lotion once again. And here are results that I never expected from an IPL session. 
Ta-dah! Fairer legs! Can you spot the difference in skin colour from my thighs (did not undergo treatment) and calves that underwent treatment? This was completely unexpected. Smooth, fuzz-free legs – yes, but fairer skin? No way! It was such a nice surprise. Now I want to IPL and Bihadajunbi my whole body! 
I proceeded with IPL for my underarms excitedly after my legs because not only was I going to have the whole Bihadajunbi experience, a moisturizing and whitening mask was going to be applied after for even better results. This was the procedure for my underarms (in-order): cleansing, shaving, application of cooling gel, actual IPL, high-pressure jet spray Bihadajunbi lotion mist shower, cooling pads, whitening mask, last douse of Bihadajunbi lotion.

This is the whitening mask that was applied to my underarms after treatment. Similarly, it will be applied to your brazilian area for those who undergo Brazilian IPL treatments. Once again, Ginza Calla not only takes care of your hair removal needs, but also ensures that your skin is taken care of after the treatment.

Now, here’s the part that I know all of you are waiting for. Special Ginza Calla promotions when you quote my name so that you can try their awesome IPL treatments too! 
Promotion 1
$2 for any small parts (unlimited) when you purchase the small parts unlimited plan for $388.
Small parts are marked out in red below.
Promotion 2

$68 for 3 sessions of Full Brazillian with that amazing whitening mask that I mentioned about earlier or Unlimited full Brazilian IPL for only $2,380. Brazilian IPL is one of Ginza Calla’s specialty and you know you’d want someone really professional for your V area.  The number of IPL treatment sessions varies with each individual and it usually takes at least 3 sessions for results to show and at least 12 – 18 sessions for a truly fuzz-free Brazilian area. In this case, the unlimited plan totally rocks. Split $2,380 by 18 sessions and it only works out to $100+ per IPL treatment. And I bet you’ll be going more than 18 times.

For customers who purchase both 1 & 2, you will be entitled to 1 free sea-plant mineral mask which contains nourishing ingredients that will help eliminate dullness and un-even skin tone while soothing and calming your skin.

Promotion 3

$50 Unlimited Plan on any 1 of the following 4 parts: Underarm/ Upper Lip/ Back of Hands & Fingers/ Toes and Feet. This promo is for limited customers only, so do hurry and make your appointment!

For more information, go to:



Opening Hours11:00 21:00

Thank you, Ginza Calla for my smooth, soft, fuzz-free legs and underarms!

Protecting your V’s – it’s about time you start!

I’ve been getting these blast-from-the-past moments of late. Brands and products that I used to use many years ago have been re-appearing in my life and they bring back so many memories and ignite such a strong sense of nostalgia. 

Anyone familiar with this bottle of Lactacyd Liquid? I battled with acne when I was in Junior College (I was from Catholic Junior College, if any of you are wondering) and I asked this girlfriend of mine, who is super pretty and has flawless skin no less what facial wash she was using. She told me that she was using Lactacyd Liquid and of course, I headed for the stores right away and got myself a couple of bottles. I remember using it for quite a few years. Lactacyd liquid is extracted from milk, maintains the natural skin acidic pH and is suitable for sensitive skin and those with dermatological problems. My skin cleared up with the help of creams from the dermatologist and this wash. 

So when the good people at Lactacyd contacted me recently to share about a campaign that they’re currently running, I agreed immediately. I definitely trust this brand. They sent me these bottles of feminine wash. Is anyone of you using these already? I honestly can get quite lazy sometimes and do the minimal to ‘upkeep’ myself. 
Reading up about how to care for the V area and feminine washes online, the general consensus is that different parts of the body require different cleansing products. Just as you would wash your face with a facial cleanser, you need a special cleanser for your Vs too to protect the area and to keep it clean and fresh. This definitely makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? Prior to this, I’ve not given much thought to treating my V well at all. I think it’s about time I start.
Everyday washing with normal soap can weaken the natural protection of your V area because the pH value is different. When the balance of your pH value is disrupted, bacteria can breed and form.
Lactacyd Daily Feminine Wash not only carries a pH closer to your V area, it also contains Lactoserum, Lactic Acid and other natural ingredients which strengthens the natural protection of the area so that you are free of irritation and odour. There are different types of washes for different needs. Revitalize contains Vitamin E and Collagen to hydrate and refresh, Femining Hygiene contains Lactoserum and Lactic Acid to maintain a balanced pH level, All-Day Fresh contains extra herbal essences for a refreshing clean feel, White Intimate contains marine-based algowhite and plant-based Actipone-B to lighten (within 4 weeks), and Soft & Silky contains extra milk moisturizers to moisturize and prevent dryness. They’ve also got feminine wipes, to keep you fresh and clean when you’re on the go.

Besides sharing about the importance of feminine care in this post, I would like to share about this amazing empowering campaign that Lactacyd is currently having. Actually, maybe I don’t really want to share about this contest because I want to win too. Haha!  :X
Aptly called, ‘Veni, Vidi, Vici’ (I came, I saw, I conquered ), Lactacyd not only takes care of all your feminine needs, but they are also aiming to inspire confidence in women and encourage all of us to follow our dreams. They are giving all aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to realise their dream of starting their own business by giving away a business start-up package worth SG$15,000. No way, I want to participate too! Here’s how to participate and stand a chance to win. 

Log onto Lactacyd’s ‘Veni, Vidi, Vici’ Contest Facebook app, register your details and share your business idea. 

Top 10 finalists will also be given the opportunity to have 1-on-1 interview sessions with women of substance from top International companies and get first hand business tips. How brilliant! 

Contest period: 10thSeptember – 16th November 2014

Visit the Lactacyd Love Your V Facebook page for more details.

Fluttery Lashes

I recently got my lashes fluttered at Flutters, the lash parlour. I’ve been hooked on eyelash extensions for awhile now just because they’re so super convenient. I used to stick eyelash falsies before the awesome discovery of lash extensions and we all know how annoying falsies can get mid-day when they start falling off and all. So, I’ve since moved on to extensions and have not looked back.
I used to have my lash extensions done at Far East Plaza. My only complain there is that the glue they use seem really harsh on the eyes. Although I’ve never experienced any aftermath irritation, but I’ve always had to use a mini fan to ‘dry’ the lashes for about 20-30 minutes after each session at the shop. If not, the glue will really sting my eyes.
This time around though at Flutters – I experienced (almost) zero irritation and stinging from the glue used for the extensions. My entire experience was super smooth and painless. The therapist took time to patiently explain the different types of extensions available, from the different lash curl types to the length of curl and fullness of the eyelashes. 

It was only after I was sure of the type of extensions that I was going to have was I led to the room to start the extension process. The whole process took about an hour – I fell asleep on the comfy bed and when the therapist pronounced that I was done, I anticipated the follow on tedious procedure of using a mini fan to dry my lashes. To my surprise, I opened my eyes and felt no stinging sensation at all! She asked if I felt ok – no irritation, no stinging – and I said yes. And it was then when she told me I was done. Woo hoo! How painless! 
And now I’ve got such pretty lashes~ 
It’s been a week since I’ve had the extensions done and they’re still going strong. A couple have fallen off – which is completely normal – but I expect this set to last for about 2-3 weeks before I head for a touch-up.
I‘ve got awesome news for my readers:

Quote my name, Jeneen at Flutters and receive:

– 10% off ala carte services and trials
– 5% off regular packages (until year end of 2014)

And here are more promotions! 

Look for Flutters at:

15A Duxton Road
Instagram: @fluttersg
P/S Did I mention that I love the vintage theme of Flutters? These are a few pictures of the shop interior that I stole off their Instagram. 

Love pin-up girls!
Happy Friday everyone! 
I’m off to Guangzhou today for another little adventure. 🙂

Hello, Anna Sui!

Look what arrived at my door today!!! It’s been such a good year so far, with so many surprises springing up sporadically at my door. Always a huge fan of Anna Sui’s beauty products, I was super excited and couldn’t wait to see what was inside the pretty bag.

I think every girl will fall in love with Anna Sui. They are a brand that pay so much attention to details; from the outer packaging, to the smell, and even to the experience you get upon application of their products. Two thumbs up every step of the way!

Here’s a peek of what’s inside.
Ta-da! (From left to right) Pearl Gel Primer, Refreshing Loose Powder, Lipstick in Shades 400 & 301.

Opened the product packagings and all the make-up smell soooo good – like a garden of nice smelling roses. Mmm…! And here they are, sitting pretty on my make-up counter.

Pearl Gel Primer

Check out the pretty mini blue and purple beads! The primer felt so cool on my skin upon application. Very very refreshing. I can imagine using this in the early morning to ‘wake’ my skin up.
Refreshing Loose Powder

Really shocked upon application of the loose powder. It felt so cool against my skin and almost felt like water melting into my face. It definitely holds up to its name of ‘Refreshing Loose Powder’. I’ve never tried any loose powder that felt like this before. Super amazing!! The powder also has a nice touch of glitter shimmer – just enough to give your skin a nice sheen and highlight, but not too much that it makes your skin look oily. I’m sure you girls know what I mean! I’ve bought powders with an overdose of shimmer before and it made my face look like a huge shiny oil pot. 

The powder puff comes in a nice separate black packaging. Can’t stop raving about how pretty Anna Sui’s packaging is.
Super attention to details – the holder for the puff comes with breathable holes so your puff won’t turn mucky and smelly.
The pretty purple puff. 

The powder is very fine and applies well on the skin. Of course, I’m sure the primer before this helped with the smooth and easy application!
Love, love, love the texture, smell and refreshing feeling upon application! Here’s me looking nice and bright after the primer and loose powder. 
Lipsticks in Shades 301 & 400

Prettiest lipstick ever!

Shade 301 (left) and 400 (right)
Shade 301 is a really pretty sweet pink, and 400 is a super hot, sexy red. I’ve been looking for a pale pink, and hot red lipstick for the longest time. These 2 are perfect! So happy! Even the lipsticks smell like roses!!
Check out my kiss imprints. Haha.
I’m wearing the pink 301 here. Such a sugary sweet colour, I melt! (Girls, I’m sure the guys around you will melt with this lippie colour too!)
Me in the vampy red. The red shade is oh-so-perfect. Not too gaudy!
Close up of my lips (the lipsticks have got a nice glossy texture):


All made up and ready to go! I’m ready for my close up now. 😀