Hello, Anna Sui!

Look what arrived at my door today!!! It’s been such a good year so far, with so many surprises springing up sporadically at my door. Always a huge fan of Anna Sui’s beauty products, I was super excited and couldn’t wait to see what was inside the pretty bag.

I think every girl will fall in love with Anna Sui. They are a brand that pay so much attention to details; from the outer packaging, to the smell, and even to the experience you get upon application of their products. Two thumbs up every step of the way!

Here’s a peek of what’s inside.
Ta-da! (From left to right) Pearl Gel Primer, Refreshing Loose Powder, Lipstick in Shades 400 & 301.

Opened the product packagings and all the make-up smell soooo good – like a garden of nice smelling roses. Mmm…! And here they are, sitting pretty on my make-up counter.

Pearl Gel Primer

Check out the pretty mini blue and purple beads! The primer felt so cool on my skin upon application. Very very refreshing. I can imagine using this in the early morning to ‘wake’ my skin up.
Refreshing Loose Powder

Really shocked upon application of the loose powder. It felt so cool against my skin and almost felt like water melting into my face. It definitely holds up to its name of ‘Refreshing Loose Powder’. I’ve never tried any loose powder that felt like this before. Super amazing!! The powder also has a nice touch of glitter shimmer – just enough to give your skin a nice sheen and highlight, but not too much that it makes your skin look oily. I’m sure you girls know what I mean! I’ve bought powders with an overdose of shimmer before and it made my face look like a huge shiny oil pot. 

The powder puff comes in a nice separate black packaging. Can’t stop raving about how pretty Anna Sui’s packaging is.
Super attention to details – the holder for the puff comes with breathable holes so your puff won’t turn mucky and smelly.
The pretty purple puff. 

The powder is very fine and applies well on the skin. Of course, I’m sure the primer before this helped with the smooth and easy application!
Love, love, love the texture, smell and refreshing feeling upon application! Here’s me looking nice and bright after the primer and loose powder. 
Lipsticks in Shades 301 & 400

Prettiest lipstick ever!

Shade 301 (left) and 400 (right)
Shade 301 is a really pretty sweet pink, and 400 is a super hot, sexy red. I’ve been looking for a pale pink, and hot red lipstick for the longest time. These 2 are perfect! So happy! Even the lipsticks smell like roses!!
Check out my kiss imprints. Haha.
I’m wearing the pink 301 here. Such a sugary sweet colour, I melt! (Girls, I’m sure the guys around you will melt with this lippie colour too!)
Me in the vampy red. The red shade is oh-so-perfect. Not too gaudy!
Close up of my lips (the lipsticks have got a nice glossy texture):


All made up and ready to go! I’m ready for my close up now. 😀