Fluttery Lashes

I recently got my lashes fluttered at Flutters, the lash parlour. I’ve been hooked on eyelash extensions for awhile now just because they’re so super convenient. I used to stick eyelash falsies before the awesome discovery of lash extensions and we all know how annoying falsies can get mid-day when they start falling off and all. So, I’ve since moved on to extensions and have not looked back.
I used to have my lash extensions done at Far East Plaza. My only complain there is that the glue they use seem really harsh on the eyes. Although I’ve never experienced any aftermath irritation, but I’ve always had to use a mini fan to ‘dry’ the lashes for about 20-30 minutes after each session at the shop. If not, the glue will really sting my eyes.
This time around though at Flutters – I experienced (almost) zero irritation and stinging from the glue used for the extensions. My entire experience was super smooth and painless. The therapist took time to patiently explain the different types of extensions available, from the different lash curl types to the length of curl and fullness of the eyelashes. 

It was only after I was sure of the type of extensions that I was going to have was I led to the room to start the extension process. The whole process took about an hour – I fell asleep on the comfy bed and when the therapist pronounced that I was done, I anticipated the follow on tedious procedure of using a mini fan to dry my lashes. To my surprise, I opened my eyes and felt no stinging sensation at all! She asked if I felt ok – no irritation, no stinging – and I said yes. And it was then when she told me I was done. Woo hoo! How painless! 
And now I’ve got such pretty lashes~ 
It’s been a week since I’ve had the extensions done and they’re still going strong. A couple have fallen off – which is completely normal – but I expect this set to last for about 2-3 weeks before I head for a touch-up.
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Instagram: @fluttersg
P/S Did I mention that I love the vintage theme of Flutters? These are a few pictures of the shop interior that I stole off their Instagram. 

Love pin-up girls!
Happy Friday everyone! 
I’m off to Guangzhou today for another little adventure. 🙂