The Ginza Calla Difference

I admit that I’m slightly biased with anything ‘made in’, or ‘from’ Japan. My experience from working with Japan Airlines as a flight attendant has proven that the Japanese are a bunch of very hardworking people and they are extremely focused on customer service and giving their consumers the best quality products and services. I’ve always been a huge fan and trusted Japanese skincare and beauty solutions. I figured that Asian beauty solutions should suit us much better, right?

I jumped at the opportunity when I was given the chance to review the new IPL salon in town, Ginza Calla. This renowned Japanese hair removal specialist store has been around in Tokyo for over 20 years and by far, they’ve got 30 stores located across Japan. Their first Singapore store is located conveniently at the new wing of Plaza Singapura (#04-55). I went for my appointment without much expectations as I’ve done IPL treatments before and the sessions are usually no frills (with no pampering whatsoever) and very quick. 

It turns out that Ginza Calla is unlike no other IPL treatments that I’ve tried before. This Japanese specialist not only pays attention to removing your hair, they also take care of your skin before and after the IPL session.  

The therapist explained the entire procedure before my treamtment session and I filled in a questionnaire to make sure that I was fit to undergo the IPL session. 

The therapist first spread a cooling gel on my legs in preparation of the IPL treatment. She then proceeded with the IPL. The entire process was pain-free and super fuzz free. Here’s a tip for those going for the IPL treatment, shave the day before and not on the actual day so that your skin is not extra sensitive on IPL day from shaving!

And here’s the Ginza Calla difference that got me sold. 

Five pulses of light
While other IPL treatments deliver 3 pulses of light per shot, Ginza Calla’s delivers 5. This makes the treatments even more effective and hair growth will be greatly reduced after 12-18 sessions. 
Bihadajunbi Lotion
This part of the treatment was what impressed me most. After the IPL treatment, my skin was doused in this moisturizing Bihadajunbi lotion from a high powered jet spray machine. Developed by dermatologists, this lotion is packed with moisturizing properties such as Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen to keep your skin supple and moisturized. The jet spray allows for better penetration of the lotion into deeper layers of the skin and ensures 95 percent moisture retention rate. The cool blast of air from the jet spray was very welcoming and calmed my skin after the IPL treatment leaving my skin feeling refreshed and comfortable.
This is the Bihadajunbi jet-spray machine.

Here are my legs being pampered with the moisturizing lotion after IPL.
After application of cooling pads, my skin was doused with this deliciously moisturizing lotion once again. And here are results that I never expected from an IPL session. 
Ta-dah! Fairer legs! Can you spot the difference in skin colour from my thighs (did not undergo treatment) and calves that underwent treatment? This was completely unexpected. Smooth, fuzz-free legs – yes, but fairer skin? No way! It was such a nice surprise. Now I want to IPL and Bihadajunbi my whole body! 
I proceeded with IPL for my underarms excitedly after my legs because not only was I going to have the whole Bihadajunbi experience, a moisturizing and whitening mask was going to be applied after for even better results. This was the procedure for my underarms (in-order): cleansing, shaving, application of cooling gel, actual IPL, high-pressure jet spray Bihadajunbi lotion mist shower, cooling pads, whitening mask, last douse of Bihadajunbi lotion.

This is the whitening mask that was applied to my underarms after treatment. Similarly, it will be applied to your brazilian area for those who undergo Brazilian IPL treatments. Once again, Ginza Calla not only takes care of your hair removal needs, but also ensures that your skin is taken care of after the treatment.

Now, here’s the part that I know all of you are waiting for. Special Ginza Calla promotions when you quote my name so that you can try their awesome IPL treatments too! 
Promotion 1
$2 for any small parts (unlimited) when you purchase the small parts unlimited plan for $388.
Small parts are marked out in red below.
Promotion 2

$68 for 3 sessions of Full Brazillian with that amazing whitening mask that I mentioned about earlier or Unlimited full Brazilian IPL for only $2,380. Brazilian IPL is one of Ginza Calla’s specialty and you know you’d want someone really professional for your V area.  The number of IPL treatment sessions varies with each individual and it usually takes at least 3 sessions for results to show and at least 12 – 18 sessions for a truly fuzz-free Brazilian area. In this case, the unlimited plan totally rocks. Split $2,380 by 18 sessions and it only works out to $100+ per IPL treatment. And I bet you’ll be going more than 18 times.

For customers who purchase both 1 & 2, you will be entitled to 1 free sea-plant mineral mask which contains nourishing ingredients that will help eliminate dullness and un-even skin tone while soothing and calming your skin.

Promotion 3

$50 Unlimited Plan on any 1 of the following 4 parts: Underarm/ Upper Lip/ Back of Hands & Fingers/ Toes and Feet. This promo is for limited customers only, so do hurry and make your appointment!

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Thank you, Ginza Calla for my smooth, soft, fuzz-free legs and underarms!