Ho Chi Minh Adventures

I went to Ho Chi Minh for a very short break with a few girlfriends over the long National Day weekend. Being last minute as always, we were left only with flights to Ho Chi Minh, Manila and Jakarta for that weekend. Ho Chi Minh got the most votes, so we packed our bags and flew over for a short 3D2N stay.

We got a suite at Nikko Hotel Saigon that fit us 4 perfectly – it was like a major slumber party sleepover.
Here’s us at the entrance of the hotel. The interior of the hotel was very ‘Japanese styled’, with muted cream/nude colour schemes and clean furnishings. I’m not the biggest fan of such interior design, but it had an overall calming effect. Very apt for a super chill holiday.
We really didn’t do very much. All we did was eat, massage, wash hair (very random I know) and shop at 1 mall. No sight-seeing since we’ve all been to HCM. Oh, we did go to the supermarket to stock up on snacks – lots and lots of it…because everything is so cheap. 
Here are some recommendations: 
Co-Op Supermarket
168 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu Dist 3 HCMC
We went to the Co-Op Supermarket (opened by NTUC Fair Price) and stocked up most on Nescafe 3-in-1 Cafe Viet. Another friend tasked us to buy it for her and of course, we had to get so many for ourselves too. I must say it’s delicious! Now I wish I had bought more. 
These Jackfruit Chips are super yummy. The Banana Chips from the same brand is good too.
Vincom Center
70 – 72 Le Thanh Ton | District 1Ho Chi Minh CityVietnam
This show was taken at Vincom Centre – the only mall we visited where Chanel, Hermes and a couple of other brands are housed. There’s also an Emporio Armani cafe nearby.

The architecture of the building is gorgeous. This area is very quaint. Definitely worth a visit. 
Pho Hung
241-3 Nguyen Trai St | 10 Nguyen Thi Nghia, Q.1Ho Chi Minh CityVietnam
The Pho at this place is super yummy. This bowl is the chef’s recommendation, named Special Pho Hung. When in doubt, always go for the chef’s recommendation.

The drip coffee there…not so happening though. Maybe I’m just not a fan of drip coffee. It’s super super sweet.

Pho Hung’s menu – check out the english/mandarin translations, especially the mandarin in #4. I laughed till my sides split and tears were rolling down my face. 
Miu Miu2 Spa
4 Chu Manh TrinhHo Chi Minh CityVietnam
The prices were super cheap, service was good and interior was nice. We went there 2 days in a row for foot and body massages.
Tokyo BBQ

 We stumbled upon the best Japanese restaurant around the corner of the spa. The bbq beef was fantastic, salmon fresh and the kimchi stew was really good. We ordered seconds of everything.

We had seafood and went to a couple more eateries but the food were all not rave-worthy, so this is all I have for you guys. 
Before heading out for the night. The hair is nicely in place because we went to get our hair washed and blown after the spa massage. Being so used to Salon Vim’s pampering and hair wash techniques, I’m not sure if I’ll have another wash should I go back to HCM again. The hairstylist was basically using her long nails to scratch at my scalp throughout the wash and it was just  plain, ouch.

We’ll stay gold forever.
These girls are definitely keepers.
….till the next adventure!

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