The boy and I took a much needed holiday to Phuket. It was lovely shutting off the phone, electronic devices, and shutting off work from our minds. We can be such workaholics sometimes. This is one of the rare beach holidays that I’ve taken, and I truly enjoyed the resort and awesome view that surrounded us. 
Twin Palms, Phuket. 
Our room.
Isn’t it great, how huge the bathroom is? 
These ‘words of wisdoms’ are peppered all over the resort. 
More words of wisdom. 
A map, and we’re off!
We rode a bike around Phuket and this is just one of the awesome sights we passed. 
We stopped at the lights and saw this cute pooch balancing on the bike! 
He looked like he was really enjoying himself!
We chilled by the beach when we got tired of riding. This is when I found out that I have a fear of swimming in the sea. I go into panic mode when the waves engulf me. I’ll much rather sit on the beach, and look at the sea. No swimming please, thank you very much.
The view was literally breath-taking. 
Sunset. Too beautiful.

Chilling by the pool.
We met this friendly pitbull at a beach bar.

Too friendly perhaps? Haha.

These gas pit-stops can be found all over Phuket! 

This dog reminded me of the dog, Jack, that I once had.
Dinner time! We were mostly disappointed by the food in Phuket. The holiday would have been even more perfect if we have amazing food to go along. 
And a final parting shot. 

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