Birthday People!

Here are a couple of pictures to share taken at the birthday celebrations of some people close to my heart. There was Mummy’s, Fionna’s and Candy’s. (I’m sorry I missed yours Angelia! 😦 )

Happy birthday Mummy!

We were dining at Lei Garden (Chijmes). Can you spot the huge fishes and crustaceans in the tank at the background? They were looking really sad and grumpy. One humongous snow crab looked like it was trying to climb its way out of the tank. The sister and I were very disturbed and googled if fishes had feelings and emotions. Apparently, they do! So yes, we got by the dinner without ordering fish or any form of seafood.

The sister and brother-in-law’s present for Mum. All prettily wrapped up!

The sister was so sweet. I got a present too, for no reason. Yay!

Happy Birthday Fionna! That huge cake is from Cedele and we were having dim sum at Royal China, Raffles Hotel.

Happy Birthday Candy! (That’s a lot of wishes you’re making there! Haha)

We had dinner at Brussel Sprouts, Robertson Quay.

And of course, had to continue the night at Butter.

It’s Christmas eve already! I can’t wait to sleep, get up and then head out to the parties. I hope you guys all have a wonderful Christmas! I’ll be updating again soon.


Birthday With My Little Ponies

Why “my little ponies”? We were discussing what ponies we’ll be (our colours and everything) if we were, the little pony character. Haha. So, I’ve christened this sweet little group of mine – “My Little Ponies.”
I was touched that everyone made it for this un-planned and slightly last minute birthday celebration. πŸ™‚

Dinner at “District 10”.

Alvin and Mark.

Joyce and Nicholas.


More Juicy?

I love reading cards. πŸ™‚

Click Click! What a gorgeous looking Juicy Couture camera!!

Trying to render some special through-the-glass photo effect.

Aww…Nic got me a really pretty necklace from Hong Kong!

Alvin and Mark are always camera ready! :p

Pretty bling necklace from the two boys!!

More birthday cakes and wishes. πŸ™‚

It’s a good thing these group shots were taken from a distance because we were all a little red faced from the wine. *hic*

Thanks for spending my day with me my sweet little ponies. πŸ™‚



My birthday celebrations this year stretched from multiple dinners with family and loved ones to a trip to Bangkok, and even more celebrations when I got back. I truly truly feel so loved by everyone and I thank my lucky stars for surrounding me with wonderful people.
Dinner with the family was at Gyukaku Chijmes. My first experience with Gyukaku was in Tokyo, and the branch in Singapore is just as good…just alot more expensive. -_-
That’s a whole plate of Japanese wagyu. I love meat!!

Mummy dearest always taking on the role of “chef” in the house.

My dad and brother-in-law looking cute in their aprons.

Presents from the sister and brother-in-law! Love the cute wrapping paper. πŸ™‚

With sister dearest.

Ta-dah! Juicy Couture undies and bag organiser! This is brilliant. I’ll never lose my stuff in my bags again!

Strawberry shortcake!! My favourite!! πŸ™‚

I β™₯ my family

Made my birthday wish, blowing out the candles. Poof! It’s going to come true. (The power of positive thinking. Haha)

I made everyone do a funny face! That’s definitely a first for my parents. Haha.



Halloween was awesome fun this year. My girlfriend Brenda, also a halloween baby like Domo threw a huge birthday/halloween bash at Azzura, Sentosa. This year, I decided to be a kitty cat…Meowww!!

It was one of those rare opportunities where Domo could hang out and party with me. He was a happy boy! Singapore is way too dog unfriendly!!

Identity crisis. I tried to turn him into a cat! Haha.

Chilling out with the birthday girl before the massive party started. I’ve known this babe for a long long time and she’s one of my sweetest girlfriends! πŸ™‚

Domo was bumblebee for the night! Pity I couldn’t get a good shot of his costume.

The “Little Red Indian” birthday girlie.

And this, is the “chinese ghost who lives in the umbrella.” Can’t quite see her umbrella here though.

And we had police woman, dracula, french maid and life guard.

And the mask man, devil…
…another devil, space woman and a Japanese being himself.
*Rawhhh* I hope you all had an equally awesome spooky Halloween.