Birthday People!

Here are a couple of pictures to share taken at the birthday celebrations of some people close to my heart. There was Mummy’s, Fionna’s and Candy’s. (I’m sorry I missed yours Angelia! 😦 )

Happy birthday Mummy!

We were dining at Lei Garden (Chijmes). Can you spot the huge fishes and crustaceans in the tank at the background? They were looking really sad and grumpy. One humongous snow crab looked like it was trying to climb its way out of the tank. The sister and I were very disturbed and googled if fishes had feelings and emotions. Apparently, they do! So yes, we got by the dinner without ordering fish or any form of seafood.

The sister and brother-in-law’s present for Mum. All prettily wrapped up!

The sister was so sweet. I got a present too, for no reason. Yay!

Happy Birthday Fionna! That huge cake is from Cedele and we were having dim sum at Royal China, Raffles Hotel.

Happy Birthday Candy! (That’s a lot of wishes you’re making there! Haha)

We had dinner at Brussel Sprouts, Robertson Quay.

And of course, had to continue the night at Butter.

It’s Christmas eve already! I can’t wait to sleep, get up and then head out to the parties. I hope you guys all have a wonderful Christmas! I’ll be updating again soon.