My birthday celebrations this year stretched from multiple dinners with family and loved ones to a trip to Bangkok, and even more celebrations when I got back. I truly truly feel so loved by everyone and I thank my lucky stars for surrounding me with wonderful people.
Dinner with the family was at Gyukaku Chijmes. My first experience with Gyukaku was in Tokyo, and the branch in Singapore is just as good…just alot more expensive. -_-
That’s a whole plate of Japanese wagyu. I love meat!!

Mummy dearest always taking on the role of “chef” in the house.

My dad and brother-in-law looking cute in their aprons.

Presents from the sister and brother-in-law! Love the cute wrapping paper. 🙂

With sister dearest.

Ta-dah! Juicy Couture undies and bag organiser! This is brilliant. I’ll never lose my stuff in my bags again!

Strawberry shortcake!! My favourite!! 🙂

I my family

Made my birthday wish, blowing out the candles. Poof! It’s going to come true. (The power of positive thinking. Haha)

I made everyone do a funny face! That’s definitely a first for my parents. Haha.


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