Birthday With My Little Ponies

Why “my little ponies”? We were discussing what ponies we’ll be (our colours and everything) if we were, the little pony character. Haha. So, I’ve christened this sweet little group of mine – “My Little Ponies.”
I was touched that everyone made it for this un-planned and slightly last minute birthday celebration. 🙂

Dinner at “District 10”.

Alvin and Mark.

Joyce and Nicholas.


More Juicy?

I love reading cards. 🙂

Click Click! What a gorgeous looking Juicy Couture camera!!

Trying to render some special through-the-glass photo effect.

Aww…Nic got me a really pretty necklace from Hong Kong!

Alvin and Mark are always camera ready! :p

Pretty bling necklace from the two boys!!

More birthday cakes and wishes. 🙂

It’s a good thing these group shots were taken from a distance because we were all a little red faced from the wine. *hic*

Thanks for spending my day with me my sweet little ponies. 🙂

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