Behind the Scenes

I’ve been going into the studio countless of times to shoot for Pink Flare and have never really documented what goes behind. Had a bit more time this last shoot and decided to snap around. So, here’s a peek!

Accessories are a definite must. Lots of them. (In the make-up/changing room)

And shoes. I streamlined for this shoot and only brought 4 essentials so I don’t have to lug so many things around.

Here are some of the clothes that we were shooting that day. I always get so excited going through the clothes and can’t wait to wear all of them.

Pleats, owl prints, leopard prints, drapes and folds…I really do love them all.

Mr Photographer hard at work.
We decided to do some jumping shots for the mailer cos’ this top I have on is just so bright and cheery. It’s really difficult to get a good shot with these jumps! Either my top flies up too high, the expression on my face looks too strange, or I’m just captured in a strange position.

Too low…
Weird position…

Yay!!! Finally got it!!

And this was the result from all those jumps. A super bright, happy and cheery mailer!

Here’s one of my favourite shots from the shoot. (I love this dress.)
Do come by if you haven’t already. Lots of pretty pieces await you! 😉