My Fashion Inspiration Board

These are the looks that I have been coveting off late.
To start with my sneaker/pullover obsession, I got myself:

This skull pullover is now available on Pink Flare.
[ The weekend flew by too fast as usual. I’m having the Monday blues already. 😦 ]

Blog Crushes

There are a couple of blogs that I read almost religiously and these 3 fashion blogs are my personal favourite. Gorgeous outfits and impeccable style aside, I am amazed at the length they go to take such beautiful pictures of themselves in the outfits. Almost every post is always an inspiration. I hope I’m not infringing any copyright by sharing their pictures, but these are some of my favourites. 
Gary Pepper Vintage

You can read her blog HERE.
Song Of Style

Read her blog HERE.

Read her blog HERE.