Peace.Love&Chicken Grease.x.

I did a shoot for ‘Stuff’ (gadget/tech/lifestyle) magazine today. It was a fun theme (something close to most boy’s hearts). Haha. It’s gotta be kept hush for now. But look out for me flashing my pearlies at you from news stands soon!! 😀

Met the girlies: Angelia, Cecilia and Stephaine at Vivo City after.

Was totally famished! I savaged this sirloin steak…

Whilst Angelia had her lamb. (She said they were Soooo yummy)

Of course, we had to have dessert. I was eating for a vengence. Absolutely yumm-ey and oh-so-satisfying.

It was my first time here. Loved the outdoor seatings and its quirky name! Maybe if I ever open an eatery, I’ll call it ‘The Princess & Durian’. Nice???

And I took this shot of Domo yesterday. I told him: “Smile for the camera!”…and he did! Clever boy! A true cam-whorer (like his mistress). Hahaha.

And random shots

So cute!! I’m a closet Hello Kitty fan. Shh…

Ear-ring. How literal!! Wahaha.

And loving my new nail colour.

And red velvet cupcakes… Divine!
Choy (part of the May & Choy twins) makes really heavenly cupcakes. Her red velvet ones are to die for! You can check out her cupcakes at:
I’m craving for one of her cupcakes now!!

And pictures from a Friday night of psychedelic love, boogey dancing and lethal drinks with my beautiful people.

kiss me.

hold me. & thrill me. x.

just Danceeee!!!


A Friday Night Out :)

With our separate hectic schedules, it’s been a long while since I’ve met up with my favourite girls from JAL. I was two hours late for our dinner at “Shunjuu, Robertson Quay” because my shoot from the day over-ran! 😦

Finally! It was great to see them. 🙂
Yummy Japanese food and everyone say…Choya!!

Choya Plum!

And it was off to Stereolab for some hard partying after!

Darls…what are you looking at? Haha.

…and we try again.

My girlfriends loved the dress I’m wearing from Pink Flare and have reserved their own! Have you gotten yours yet? 😉