Feeling Good Should Be This Easy

We are living in a customization generation. Intentionally or not, everyone is customizing. From customizing your phone ringtone and settings to the interior of your bedroom, we customize to have something to our liking and for it to blend in with us and our lifestyles. Innately, I think we all like having choices. Who really likes to be set by fixed boundaries and rules?
As you all should probably know by now, I’ve been working out at Amore Fitness for some time…and I bring you all exciting news today. You can now customize your package and create a personalized package to suit yourself and your needs! The new Amore Holistic Package allows you to choose anything from Amore’s offering from gym, group classes, personal training, spa, etc.

With 16 fitness and spa clubs, over 500 fitness classes to choose from every week and a wide array of spa, facial and body treatments, Amore is the biggest service provider of fit and spa – a one stop for all your wellness needs.
I believe they’re the first of its kind to launch such flexibility in gym packages. There is a trial promotion available for the month of March for those who want to see how it works: 

2 Choices At $69
(A +  B /C)
3 Choices At $89
(A + B + C)

4 Entries
(utilised in 2 weeks, worth $90)
Access to state of the art gym & fitness classes at all Amore outlets.
Botaroma Swedish Massage
(45mins, worth $94.16)
Soothe all aches & achieve ultimate relaxation with a therapeutic blend of Geranium, Sweet Orange & Lavender.
Purity Facial
(75mins, worth $90.95)
A clinically proven purifying facial that revives the complexion. For oily, dehydrated or sensitive skin.

My kind of personalized package will definitely include lots of gym classes and a massage after. How awesome it is to have a massage right after a gym class to soothe the achy muscles!
To find out more about customizing your package: visit www.amorefitness.com/holistic or call 6781 1822!

On a more personal fitness level, I’ve been going for a lot more classes these days at Amore now that I’m no longer undergoing personal training classes. My two favourites are Energy Sculpt and Kick Box. I like to focus on toning and sculpting in classes and do my own cardio activity such as running on the side. These two classes give my muscles a real good work-out and I always ache (in a good way) the next two days. Energy sculpt class is especially challenging…so many times I almost give up mid-way in class!

I know it gets hard to motivate yourself to ‘drag’ yourself to the gym sometimes. Here’s some fitness motivation that I love and have to share.

To a fitter, healthier lifestyle and body!

What Exercise Taught Me

I have reached the end of the road with my 3 month gym/personal trainer sponsorship with Amore Fitness. As the cliche goes that all good things come to an end, this is one good ‘thing’ that I am going to miss very very much. From being someone who hardly exercised to one who looked forward to her gym and personal training sessions…so much has changed in 3 months. Not only have I achieved a much toner, leaner and hotter (heh!) body, I feel so much more energised everyday; which means that I can do so much more in a day, I sleep a lot better at night; I used to suffer insomnia on many nights, and here’s my most important take home lesson from my trainings: 
So many times during a 5km run or when I’m halfway through 150 crunches did I want to give up. ‘My body’s exhausted’, I always thought. I forced and repeated this ‘mind over matter’ mantra in my head over and over, and every single time, I pulled through and completed what I set out to do. My body didn’t collapse on me and it always felt so amazing that I didn’t give up. I’m going to throw another cliche: ‘There’s almost nothing you can’t accomplish, if you set your mind to it.’ I can’t agree to this more! Thank you Amore Fitness for toughening me in so many ways. Now I just have to stick this reminder note some place I see everyday:
Here are some pictures of me, mostly looking terrible at the gym. It’s almost impossible to look nice when you’re exercising! Haha.
Crunches on my favourite bosu ball. Go abs! 
This is the what I call the ‘free space’ area where you can work with weights, on the mat, ab ball, etc. 
The equipment area.
I finally know how to work with gym equipments on my own now. Yay!
This apparently, is quite a challenging work-out. I feel almost like super woman doing this exercise. I could barely manage even 1 push up when I first started out my training sessions!
My personal trainer, Nani. She’s god-sent!
If you read my previous Amore post, you’ll know that I chart my weight and muscle/fat mass every month on their weight and body composition diagnostics machine I am so happy that my skeletal muscular mass has increased by 0.6kg this month to 19.7kg. My body fat mass, although is not decreasing as quickly has reduced by 0.3kg. I’m making progress! In 3 months, my skeletal muscular mass has increased by 2.4kg. Hello, a more muscular, toner and stronger me! 🙂 
And here’s an amazing Amore promotion!
For just $88, you get:
·         2 Weeks Unlimited Fitness Pass (worth $94.16)
·         Botaroma Swedish Massage (45 mins, worth $94.16)
·         Body Composition Analysis (worth $21.40)
·         AWDO Entry Pass (worth up to $40)

This is valid for first time female customers above 16 years old only until 13 October 2013.

For more information,  www.amorewomensdayout.com

Here’s a giveaway just for my readers!

Amore has 2 x $88 AWDO deals to giveaway.
To participate, answer this simple question:
Name any 5 signature classes from Amore Fitness.

Email your answer with your name, email address and home address to:

Contest ends 30 September. Good luck!!


Charting my progress with Amore Fitness

This is the 2nd month I’ve been with Amore Fitness and here’s a little progress report in part for me, and for my readers who are interested in following my fitness curve from practically zero, to where I am now. 
I’ve attended 17 private training sessions, twice weekly and in between I usually try and squeeze in a class or run on the threadmill. My focus now, besides building strength and muscles is on cardio. In order to achieve the body type that I want, I have to lose all these fat in my body. Nani, my personal trainer says the only way to go is cardio, cardio, cardio.  
This is me, after 5km. My stamina has improved so much from these weekly runs. I actually look forward to running these days because I get so energised after. (This is coming from a girl who used to hate running and who never could pass her 2.4km runs in school.) I try and do a 5km distance twice weekly, and a 3km distance after a weekday PT session. Nani hopes for me to do 20km a week….erm, I think I’m slowly getting there. 
A typical personal training session that lasts for 1 hour starts with a 20min warm-up on the treadmill followed by some stretching and we proceed to strength training; working with weights or the TRX band. Some days we do circuits for strength and cardio.
Plank for the abs. On top of the PT sessions, I try and do 3 sets x 30secs of plank at home everyday followed by 4 sets x 15 crunches. Figured that a little bit everyday is better than none at all.
Nani demonstrating push-ups on the bosu ball. Using the bosu ball increases the intensity of the work-out with the added ‘balance’ factor. We usually do arm/ab exercises with it and the bosu is one of my favourite equipments to work with. Nani always makes the exercise look so easy when she demonstrates. I’m always fooled and thinking, ok…easy peasy. Until I get down to it and my muscles burn…
Crunching on the bosu.
Squats – for a firm and perky ass!
We work a lot with machines too, mostly for the legs and back.
Here’s a trippy instavideo I took during one of the PT sessions.

I did another round of weight and body composition diagnostics and here are the results:
Weight: 46.7kg
Skeletal Muscular Mass: 18.3kg
Body Fat Mass: 12.2 kg

From 1st round of diagnostics a month ago:
Weight: 44.7kg
Skeletal Muscular Mass: 17.3kg
Body Fat Mass: 11.8 kg
My weight has increased by 2 kg, which Nani says is completely normal as my skeletal muscular mass has increased by 1 kg, and muscles weight more than fats. My general overall analysis (coupled with observations from friends) is that I have definitely gotten a lot leaner from before and you can actually see hints of muscle definitions in certain parts of my body. I do know that I have to make a lot more healthier choices in my food in-take. We all know how clean eating is major key for a fit and lean body. 
For motivation, I follow fitness accounts on Instagram. The girls on it have the hottest bodies and they work really hard for them!
Here’s my ab progress in 2 months. (From left to right) When I first started training at Amore, after 1 month, after 2 months. I am inching towards my goal! :
Remember I wrote about Amore’s Women’s Day Out in my previous entry? 
Registration is closing on 13th October! 
 Grab your girlfriends, workout, have fun and kick back at this ladies exclusive workout event. I bet it’s going to fun!  
For more details, visit any Amore Fitness outlets, call 6733 7333 or visit www.amorewomensdayout.com to sign up now. Go for it ladies!

Enroute to Fit & Fabulosity with Amore Fitness!

If you’ve been following my Instagram feeds (@thepinkflaregirl), you’ll notice that I’ve adopted a more ‘fit & fab’ lifestyle of late. I’ve started working out at Amore Fitness with a Personal Trainer (*gasp!!) and have been trying to attend their fitness classes on top of my 2x weekly work-out sessions. 3 cheers for me! 😀 
This post is more an introduction to Amore, my first meeting with my personal trainer and a little insight of first introductory meetings for first-timers at Amore.
Here’s what went down during my 1st fitness assessment/work-out session with my very very gorgeous and inspiring Personal Trainer, Nani. 
Singapore’s leading fitness and spa service provider, Amore has got 16 fitness and spa clubs strategically located island-wide. My location of choice is Bugis Junction because it’s located nearest to where I live. I know I’ll be so much more motivated to go because it’s near home. My word of advice is to choose an exercise venue closest to your work/home…so you’ll never have any excuses for yourself.
First, I had to fill up a Health/Medical Questionnaire. 
Here’s Nani, my Personal Trainer going through the questionnaire with me and understanding my current lifestyle, health, fitness goals, etc. She also talked me through what to expect from the trainings and the various type of fitness classes available.  

Taking my weight and body composition (fat vs muscle) analysis. I was almost afraid to step on this machine for the fat analysis!
Body composition analysis in-progress.
 And here are my results.
Weight: 44.7kg
Skeletal Muscular Mass: 17.3kg
Body Fat Mass: 11.8 kg
BMI: 17.5 
Percent Body Fat: 26.5%
I was under the normal range for every category except….Body Fat Mass and Percent Body Fat (I hovered towards the high side!!)! Geez, the results were brutally honest. Slightly sheepish, I swore to change all these in 3 months.    
Fitness Test

First thing I had to do was hold on to a clicker/metronome device and step up and down to the beat. I think I was closing my eyes because I was tired already?? 
Nani, demonstrating the right posture for the next bit of the fitness test – push ups. She did them effortlessly of course. 

 My turn!

Haha, here’s me caught on camera struggling (and Nani being very encouraging)! I can’t remember how many push-ups I managed, but I’m sure it wasn’t many. Arm strength is obviously not my core. 
Hard work…and it’s only the fitness test?!
Sit-ups were next, and here’s Nani demonstrating once again. It’s so important to have someone show and help you with your posture when you’re exercising so you won’t hurt yourself!

 Getting my flexibility tested.

 Results chart.

Having my results analyzed. Yes, they all ranged from average to poor. 😦 ….as expected!
Nani and I talked through my fitness goals – I wanted to get a lot more lean and toned, and to increase my stamina and strength. 
With clear goals set, we embarked on our first fitness session together. This was me on the treadmill warming up before we hit the weights and static exercises. 

Argh…I can do this!
I’ve since attended 4 personal training classes and 1 fitness class from this 1st fitness analysis/training session. Below are more pictures of what we usually do in a typical PT session. 20 mins run on the treadmill to start for warm-up, followed by weights and static exercises with lots of stretching in between. Nani has been completely awesome; encouraging and always there to lead and guide. 
Working on the back and arm muscles.


I’ve also been recording my daily food intake. This really helps me eat cleaner and not binge on snacks so much (which I love). I feel really guilty these days to list on paper: fries, chips, sweets and all the bad stuff! 
This is my goal in 3 months. Ooh those abs. Nani says, yes it’s possible!
GO me! 
Here’s a peek inside a fitness class. 

Amore has 8 Signature classes: BellyBlitz®, BodBlitz®, BollyBlitz®, CardioBlitz®, CardioLatino®, FunkBlitz®, StepBlitz® and StretchFit®.

I’ve only attended the StretchFit® class so far and I love it. It combines stretching exercises with some core work-outs and focuses a lot on breathing. With the soothing music played during class, it really relaxes me after a long day at work. 

Before I end my post, here’s sharing with you details of this really interesting event that Amore is holding for women only. I found out about this event from a pamphlet I picked up and love how this event is for celebrating women. An array of Amore’s signature classes will be carried out. It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Here are details for the event:

Date: 9th November 2013

Time: 9:00am – 9.00pm

Venue: Ngee Ann City, Civic Plaza

For more details, visit any Amore Fitness outlets, call 6733 7333 or visit www.amorewomensdayout.com to sign up now. Go for it ladies!

P/S Registration closes 13 October 2013 and it’s for ladies above the age of 16 only.

(This is Nani, my PT and Amore’s poster girl by the way!)

Last but not least, 

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                Body Composition Analysis
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