What Exercise Taught Me

I have reached the end of the road with my 3 month gym/personal trainer sponsorship with Amore Fitness. As the cliche goes that all good things come to an end, this is one good ‘thing’ that I am going to miss very very much. From being someone who hardly exercised to one who looked forward to her gym and personal training sessions…so much has changed in 3 months. Not only have I achieved a much toner, leaner and hotter (heh!) body, I feel so much more energised everyday; which means that I can do so much more in a day, I sleep a lot better at night; I used to suffer insomnia on many nights, and here’s my most important take home lesson from my trainings: 
So many times during a 5km run or when I’m halfway through 150 crunches did I want to give up. ‘My body’s exhausted’, I always thought. I forced and repeated this ‘mind over matter’ mantra in my head over and over, and every single time, I pulled through and completed what I set out to do. My body didn’t collapse on me and it always felt so amazing that I didn’t give up. I’m going to throw another cliche: ‘There’s almost nothing you can’t accomplish, if you set your mind to it.’ I can’t agree to this more! Thank you Amore Fitness for toughening me in so many ways. Now I just have to stick this reminder note some place I see everyday:
Here are some pictures of me, mostly looking terrible at the gym. It’s almost impossible to look nice when you’re exercising! Haha.
Crunches on my favourite bosu ball. Go abs! 
This is the what I call the ‘free space’ area where you can work with weights, on the mat, ab ball, etc. 
The equipment area.
I finally know how to work with gym equipments on my own now. Yay!
This apparently, is quite a challenging work-out. I feel almost like super woman doing this exercise. I could barely manage even 1 push up when I first started out my training sessions!
My personal trainer, Nani. She’s god-sent!
If you read my previous Amore post, you’ll know that I chart my weight and muscle/fat mass every month on their weight and body composition diagnostics machine I am so happy that my skeletal muscular mass has increased by 0.6kg this month to 19.7kg. My body fat mass, although is not decreasing as quickly has reduced by 0.3kg. I’m making progress! In 3 months, my skeletal muscular mass has increased by 2.4kg. Hello, a more muscular, toner and stronger me! 🙂 
And here’s an amazing Amore promotion!
For just $88, you get:
·         2 Weeks Unlimited Fitness Pass (worth $94.16)
·         Botaroma Swedish Massage (45 mins, worth $94.16)
·         Body Composition Analysis (worth $21.40)
·         AWDO Entry Pass (worth up to $40)

This is valid for first time female customers above 16 years old only until 13 October 2013.

For more information,  www.amorewomensdayout.com

Here’s a giveaway just for my readers!

Amore has 2 x $88 AWDO deals to giveaway.
To participate, answer this simple question:
Name any 5 signature classes from Amore Fitness.

Email your answer with your name, email address and home address to:

Contest ends 30 September. Good luck!!


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