Charting my progress with Amore Fitness

This is the 2nd month I’ve been with Amore Fitness and here’s a little progress report in part for me, and for my readers who are interested in following my fitness curve from practically zero, to where I am now. 
I’ve attended 17 private training sessions, twice weekly and in between I usually try and squeeze in a class or run on the threadmill. My focus now, besides building strength and muscles is on cardio. In order to achieve the body type that I want, I have to lose all these fat in my body. Nani, my personal trainer says the only way to go is cardio, cardio, cardio.  
This is me, after 5km. My stamina has improved so much from these weekly runs. I actually look forward to running these days because I get so energised after. (This is coming from a girl who used to hate running and who never could pass her 2.4km runs in school.) I try and do a 5km distance twice weekly, and a 3km distance after a weekday PT session. Nani hopes for me to do 20km a week….erm, I think I’m slowly getting there. 
A typical personal training session that lasts for 1 hour starts with a 20min warm-up on the treadmill followed by some stretching and we proceed to strength training; working with weights or the TRX band. Some days we do circuits for strength and cardio.
Plank for the abs. On top of the PT sessions, I try and do 3 sets x 30secs of plank at home everyday followed by 4 sets x 15 crunches. Figured that a little bit everyday is better than none at all.
Nani demonstrating push-ups on the bosu ball. Using the bosu ball increases the intensity of the work-out with the added ‘balance’ factor. We usually do arm/ab exercises with it and the bosu is one of my favourite equipments to work with. Nani always makes the exercise look so easy when she demonstrates. I’m always fooled and thinking, ok…easy peasy. Until I get down to it and my muscles burn…
Crunching on the bosu.
Squats – for a firm and perky ass!
We work a lot with machines too, mostly for the legs and back.
Here’s a trippy instavideo I took during one of the PT sessions.

I did another round of weight and body composition diagnostics and here are the results:
Weight: 46.7kg
Skeletal Muscular Mass: 18.3kg
Body Fat Mass: 12.2 kg

From 1st round of diagnostics a month ago:
Weight: 44.7kg
Skeletal Muscular Mass: 17.3kg
Body Fat Mass: 11.8 kg
My weight has increased by 2 kg, which Nani says is completely normal as my skeletal muscular mass has increased by 1 kg, and muscles weight more than fats. My general overall analysis (coupled with observations from friends) is that I have definitely gotten a lot leaner from before and you can actually see hints of muscle definitions in certain parts of my body. I do know that I have to make a lot more healthier choices in my food in-take. We all know how clean eating is major key for a fit and lean body. 
For motivation, I follow fitness accounts on Instagram. The girls on it have the hottest bodies and they work really hard for them!
Here’s my ab progress in 2 months. (From left to right) When I first started training at Amore, after 1 month, after 2 months. I am inching towards my goal! :
Remember I wrote about Amore’s Women’s Day Out in my previous entry? 
Registration is closing on 13th October! 
 Grab your girlfriends, workout, have fun and kick back at this ladies exclusive workout event. I bet it’s going to fun!  
For more details, visit any Amore Fitness outlets, call 6733 7333 or visit to sign up now. Go for it ladies!

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