Seeking: easy recipes.

Photo credit: Cupcakes & Cashmere
I spent a large part of my labour weekend holiday in bed sleeping as I was down with some stomach trouble owing largely to I think, not eating properly and not having regular meals for an extended period. Working from home means that I usually get too absorbed in work and forget to eat. I only think of food when I no longer can bear the hunger pangs and usually grab a quick bite of something unhealthy like biscuits, chocolates and whatever snacks I have in sight. 
The stomach trouble I had this weekend acted like a wake up call to myself to stop eating junk food and to have more regular meals. Which led me to researching and trying to find easy to prepare quick recipes like this toast on Cupcakes & Cashmere. Jon thinks I’m not Asian sometimes as I much prefer to eat sandwiches, salads, and other slightly more Western palette type food as opposed to chicken rice and other Asian delights. Don’t get me wrong, I still very much enjoy the laksa and ‘da mee’… I just prefer something lighter at lunch. 
Please share with me some of your easy recipes that don’t require much cooking skills (I’m not quite the chef material), or some of your healthy snack options so that I can stop my recurring stomach issues. Thanks in advance! 

Fun Times Together

It’s been a while since I saw these two friends of mine, so it was lovely to see them again…and stuff our faces together.

Dragon Roll from Sushi Tei is ‘da bomb’. Sushi Tei is literally my favourite Japanese quick-eat place. I practically know their menu by heart.

And then, Canele’s. It’s my favourite dessert shop. Always can’t decide what to have there, cos’ I want everything!

Strawberry shortcake, nougatine ice-cream & chocolate ice-cream (I forgot the name): absolutely befitting for food sinners.

My toe-nails and shoes matched that day! Took them out for the first time (the wedges) that day. Glad they didn’t ‘bite’ into me!

Wore this cream coloured dress from the newly opened The Editor’s Market (Avenue) at Orchard Central. Love the simplicity of the dress, cutting and material. I think the new store is about 5000sqft. HUGE. You guys have got to go see it. Congratulations on the store opening Vivian and Nigel! 🙂

The Editor’s Market (Avenue)

We Don’t See Each Other Enough!

It’s getting harder and harder to meet up with these girlies these days with our busy schedules. We’re still missing two here, but I’m glad we made time for dinner! Had a lovely time catching up at ‘The Wine Company (Evans Road)”. Ambience in the restaurant was great. It was a pity that the food was only so-so though, and the service staff were also obviously overworked.

Nocturnal Hunters

The boy and I went on a late night hunt for food last night. We drove to Beach Road for the best ‘scissors curry rice’ in Singapore (at least that’s what I think) and we were not disappointed. So good!!

There’s always a queue. The guy at the stall dishing out the various dishes uses a pair of scissors to cut up the food and I thought it funny that he couldn’t stop doing the cutting motion with the scissors even when he wasn’t cutting up anything. He seemed to be working like clockwork and was very robotic.

We went to King Albert Park’s Cold Storage (open 24 hrs) to get raw ingredients after for next day’s lunch. Here’s the boy intently picking out chicken.

And me picking vegetables… So I think I kinda look like I’m not wearing any pants here. Haha. My outfit for the day was a pair of black shorts and a top from Pink Flare.

You wouldn’t believe that after picking out a basket-full of things, we went to the cashier only to find one station open with a super long snaking queue. We gave up. Couldn’t wait because we had to rush home to walk the dog. So we put the things back and left. What a waste of time! So a reminder, unless you’ve got all the time in the world for grocery shopping, don’t go to Cold Storage KAP after normal opening hours!

Before I end, here’s a shot of the curry rice goodness. Are you salivating yet? 😀
Ooh and yes, the pair of black/leopard print wedges I ordered from ASOS arrived today! I love them and can’t wait to wear them out. I hope they don’t bite my feet!… Speaking of feet biting, I totally don’t get the myth of biting your shoe so it won’t bite you back. Totally doesn’t make sense, right?

Erm, and here are some random instagram shots I took whilst waiting for the boy today. 🙂

Purple pop nails.

Mr Owl, YSL and Vintage.