Singapore’s Inaugural Men’s Fashion Week

I was invited to a couple of shows for the very first Men’s Fashion week to be held in Singapore. Apart from Paris and Milan, we are the 3rd country to hold this fashion event. That’s kinda cool isn’t it. I hear that 6 months down the road, we are going to have our very own Women’s Fashion Week! Yay!

First ups, a show by local designers. The label that I was most interested in was of course, ATZU. Co-founded by my friends Noah, Desmond and Hanping, they were specially handpicked to shine alongside regional and international brands. Very exciting!

They had local artists walk for them such as Bryan Gamboa from the band West Boulevard.

Final walk! Noah totally shone on-stage.

I love ATZU’s bold lines and structured silhouettes.
After the show.

Was supposed to attend the ‘Dress Camp’ show with Jasmine, but we arrived too late and missed it! En-routed for dinner at Imperial Treasure instead.

This maxi dress is making an appearance on Pink Flare soon. I’m so excited to launch!

ATZU’s designer and co-founder, Noah with James.

Final closing walk of the MFW.

An auction was held in closing to raise funds for Japan.

Dr. Georgia Lee’s Gorgeous Decadence Party and MFW’s Closing Party after the final show

This snake print dress that I wore too is making an appearance on Pink Flare soon. πŸ˜€

Australian based brand ‘Song of the Mute’ was the closing show of MFW this year. They were supposed to show in Paris’s MFW, but their entire show collection was lost in transit. What a bummer!!!!

Hair-y Events

Dexter, my hairstylist invited us to his salon – Next@Ion for their grand opening. It was a night of bubbly champagne and merry-making. I’ve been following him for a couple of years (actually, my whole family goes to him) and hard work, creativity and pure stylishness has brought him up and up to where he is today. He does Stefanie Sun’s hair too and she was the VVIP for the night!
Here’s me, Dexter the man, Rebecca and Elaine. Congratulations Dexter! Here’s to many many more stylish golden scissors years! πŸ™‚

…and with one of Next’s partners – Jerry. Love his cute bow tie!

We girls adjourned for a yummy Japanese dinner after. Thanks for the treat Dickson!

My favourite cousin – Elaine. She’s wearing a piece from my online store – Pink Flare!!

Soon after, it was time for some hair pampering. This time, I “brought” Yuqi, Fionna and Lingting along. Yuqi and I are fooling around whilst waiting for Lingting and trying out the “snap yourselves from the mirror thing.”

Dexter hard at work (but still camera sensitive, haha). Lingting went from super long hair to this!! Really made me want to cut my hair too…but that has to wait till all current shoots end. Can’t wait!!

Whopee! Nice, silky hair for the day! (I did a trim and softening treatment in case you’re wondering where’s the difference. :D)

E! Entertainment Event

I attended the red carpet themed E! Entertainment & SPE Network Asia Trade Event held at “The Prime Society.”

It was a nice get-together with the other Kosmic Artistes – Claire, Jaymee and Choy. Most of us have got our little hobbies/businesses on the side. Jaymee is a yoga instructor, Choy runs a cupcake business, and I, have my little fashion blogshop, Pink Flare. You can take a look and order Choy’s muffins at πŸ™‚
Ditched the heels and ran off to meet my classmates for drinks and food at Timbre after the event.

With Serene.

With Vanie, and a bit of Edwyn.

…And the full Edwyn.
These people made lectures a lot more fun and made the time pass faster. Luv!! πŸ™‚

Private Lives Featuring Georgia Lee

Dr. Georgia Lee invited me to her catwalk debut for the fashion festival yesterday. It was a collaboration with luxury furnishing house, Baker, and it showed her walking couture dresses by the likes of Jean-Paul Gaultier, Franck Sorbier, Dominique Sirop, Christian Dior, Vera Wang and Christian Lacroix.
It was interesting to see pieces from different couture houses in one show, and Dr. Georgia looked gorgeous strutting down the runway with her twenty male models! I’ll let the pictures do the talking. πŸ™‚

The first outfit by Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Accompanied by her twenty “MIB” models.

This reminded me of a segment from Star Search when we had to ‘run’ away from “paparazzi” on stage.

Christian Lacroix

Here’s me, watching the show.

The highlight of the evening – gown by Vera Wang. It was beautiful, and the whole place was peppered with feathers to match! It was magical, though a little choking and all the bits fell into my hair and on my dress. Ha.

It almost looked like snow falling. πŸ™‚Β 

See all that feathers on stage? The models had a Huge pillow fight prior to Dr. Georgia walking out in her sexy lingerie outfit.

And that was the end of the show! Decided not to go for the post party at Velvet, and scooted off to Noah’s pool party instead for some good ol’ barbeque!

“Cheeses” from me, Desmond, Kay, Melissa and Noah. πŸ™‚

Singapore International Film Festival

This is a slightly delayed post of events I attended at the Singapore International Film Festival this year. Alongside the opening screening I blogged about in an earlier entry, I also attended the opening party held at “Overeasy”, the closing party at ‘Butter Factory” and the Silver Screen Awards.Β 
It was indeed refreshing to have been part of these events. Being around so many passionate film makers, producers and people interested in and who loved film helped breathe life into my slight waning passion for films and acting. I had many interesting conversations with different people, and I realise how little I knew about films. It’s time I took a crash course!Β 
The Silver Screen Awards rejuvenated the winners, the nominees and those without entries to kick-start their film producing gear to start churning out wonderful stories and work. Good luck to everyone, I’m looking forward to even more brilliant works next year! πŸ™‚

A gathering of film-makers and the like-minded.Β 

Conversations at Over Easy

Randomly laughing at Butter Factory…at ?! I amuse myself sometimes..

With Candice and Amelia

At the Silver Screen Awards – (left to right) Short film “Madam Chan’s” director Wilson, Producer Wai Yu, Me, the people from Creative Room: Candice, Amelia, Ric, Pok and Daniel

Producer/Director Ric Aw and his lovely wifey, Candice

Cheers everyone! πŸ™‚