Singapore International Film Festival

This is a slightly delayed post of events I attended at the Singapore International Film Festival this year. Alongside the opening screening I blogged about in an earlier entry, I also attended the opening party held at “Overeasy”, the closing party at ‘Butter Factory” and the Silver Screen Awards. 
It was indeed refreshing to have been part of these events. Being around so many passionate film makers, producers and people interested in and who loved film helped breathe life into my slight waning passion for films and acting. I had many interesting conversations with different people, and I realise how little I knew about films. It’s time I took a crash course! 
The Silver Screen Awards rejuvenated the winners, the nominees and those without entries to kick-start their film producing gear to start churning out wonderful stories and work. Good luck to everyone, I’m looking forward to even more brilliant works next year! 🙂

A gathering of film-makers and the like-minded. 

Conversations at Over Easy

Randomly laughing at Butter Factory…at ?! I amuse myself sometimes..

With Candice and Amelia

At the Silver Screen Awards – (left to right) Short film “Madam Chan’s” director Wilson, Producer Wai Yu, Me, the people from Creative Room: Candice, Amelia, Ric, Pok and Daniel

Producer/Director Ric Aw and his lovely wifey, Candice

Cheers everyone! 🙂

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