E! Entertainment Event

I attended the red carpet themed E! Entertainment & SPE Network Asia Trade Event held at “The Prime Society.”

It was a nice get-together with the other Kosmic Artistes – Claire, Jaymee and Choy. Most of us have got our little hobbies/businesses on the side. Jaymee is a yoga instructor, Choy runs a cupcake business, and I, have my little fashion blogshop, Pink Flare. You can take a look and order Choy’s muffins at http://www.cake-in-a-cup.blogspot.com/ 🙂
Ditched the heels and ran off to meet my classmates for drinks and food at Timbre after the event.

With Serene.

With Vanie, and a bit of Edwyn.

…And the full Edwyn.
These people made lectures a lot more fun and made the time pass faster. Luv!! 🙂