Birthday Celebrations Part I.

Most awkward couple shot ever. Haha.
I turned 33 exactly a week ago on 20th January. I had a few pre, actual and post birthday celebrations (I’m actually still celebrating) and my heart is so full and bursting from all the love from my loved ones. The celebrations kicked off with dinner with the ‘Hatred Family’ at Sabio by the Sea at Sentosa. The ‘Hatred Family’ is initially a bunch of Jon’s super fun-loving friends; adults that basically can’t grow up. I think you can get that they’re a crazy bunch (especially the boys) from the pictures above. I got initiated into the group when Jon and I got together and I’ve grown to love them and enjoy their company like my own friends. I know they’ll be there for me should anything happen and they’re all just a phone call or watsapp text away. 
I’ve been meaning to try Sabio since Jessica (@tippytapp) raved about their food to me. Indeed, every tapas dish that we ordered was delicious. Even a few of the boys who usually only like Asian cuisine were raving over the Spanish dishes. I didn’t take any pictures cos’ every dish that came was wiped out in a couple of minutes and I didn’t want to go all ‘blogger’ on them and stop them from eating before I took pictures of the food. I can’t wait to go back for more! 
Here’s what I wore to dinner.
Top & Skirt: Wardrobe Theory – both pieces I absolutely love! I love how the skirt flatters and gives you shape.
Bag: Chanel Boy (Medium)
Shoes: Pedder Red 

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