Hong Kong Tales – Part 1

I’m just recently back from 5 awesome days in Hong Kong with the Gushcloud family. A big thank you to Cathay Pacific, Harbour City and Tap Dogs for the wonderful time and pampering us so. I’ve been to Hong Kong countless of times and I almost never ever get bored of this vibrant city. Here’s some bits of adventures that we had and my recommendations of must-visits and must-eats. 
A shot of the Cathay Pacific plane just before boarding. I’ve always had a good impression of this airline and it’s always been one of my choice airline to fly. Stewardesses are usually friendly (and pretty!), food onboard is good and the seats are comfortable. The leg room for economy is by far one of the largest I’ve had on planes! Cathay even has 9 flights daily to Hong Kong and that gives you such flexibility and convenience when planning your flight itinerary.

Cathay Pacific also has an eNewsletter that brings you exclusive fare and holiday deals, right to your email! CXpecials is now having a special promotion and if you sign up by 30thJune 2014, you can stand a chance to walk away with a round-trip economy class ticket to Hong Kong! Because good things must be shared, click here to get your own subscription of CXpecials and chance to win the tickets! 

We stayed at The Marco Polo Hotel and this was the view that greeted me when I entered the room. Whoa. I was blown away. How awesome is this view! The room was huge with a walk-in pantry, mini walk-in wardrobe and study desk area.
Super comfy bed. I fell asleep almost immediately every night when my head touched the pillow. The hotel is super conveniently located beside Lane Crawford and Harbour City, the huge shopping mall. It’s also walking distance to Tsim Sha Tsui. 
This is me in the mini pantry room. I just couldn’t help myself when I saw the cosy ‘lil room….Ohmm….
We were hosted by the lovely people at Harbour City on Monday (3rd day in Hong Kong) and they pampered us silly that day. It started with this manicure treat at A Beauty Bar. The hand massage was absolute heaven…I almost nodded off sitting up!
With the warm and friendly A Beauty Bar team and Gushcloud manager, Audrey.
My nails after the manicure session. I love the colours!

We were treated to this gastronomical lunch feast at Canton Deli + Chiuchow Restaurant after my manicure session. Check out our feast below. We were so lucky to have food from both separate restaurants!  I had happy finger nails + a very happy tummy.

Every dish tasted good. I can’t even pick favourites. If I really had to, I’ll vote for the egg tarts and ‘bo luo boa’…only because I’m bias and I usually love these 2 dishes. One of the best dim sums I’ve had in Hong Kong, you have to eat at this restaurant if you visit Hong Kong!

With our lovely hosts.
We popped out to look at the Happy Moments sculpture installation by Kim Gyung Min. There are art pieces sprinkled all over Harbour City. What a treat for the art lover in me! 🙂 And yes, we were all trying to mimic art and be sculpture installations ourselves. What fun!
From left to right, the Gushcloud influencers Rachel Wong, Reiee Kok, Audrey Faith Lim, Nicole Chang, Julian, Tyler, Szes, Roseanne Tang and me. 
My #ootd. 
Top: Bershka
Skirt: From Tokyo
Shoes: Fendi flatforms
Bag: Givenchy Antigona
We continued with a macaron tasting mini tour after at Pierre Herme and Laduree. Am I lucky or what?! How awesome is Harbour City to have both macaron shops under their roof. 

Funky decor at Pierre Herme.
Mmm…macarons galore! I want 1 of everything!!

The flavours that I tasted. I like the rose and salted caramel best. 

In macaron heaven!

Laduree is all pink, pretty and polka dots. 

Pretty macaron tower

Even the macaron colours are so prettyyyyy.

One of each, please!

Happy macaron campers. We each got to take home a box of macarons and a bottle of jam. Thank you, Laduree!

Special Hong Kong edition Lauduree box.
And like all that macarons weren’t enough, we were hosted for tea at the newly opened Dalloyau cafe. More sweets for all the sweet tooth monsters! 😀

More yummy macarons!
I love lemon tarts.

The interior of the cafe is really pretty.

Dalloyau’s signature, the Opera cake. If you’re wondering, yes, it’s very good. You’ve got to try it!

Interior of the cafe.
With Gushcloud managers, Sheena and Audrey, and Roseanne.

The cakes taste as good as they look.

Le menu!

As if the day wasn’t going well enough, we bumped into Gigi Leung at Dalloyau and got a picture with her.
We had some free and easy time to explore the shops at Harbour City after tea and here is where we all ended at: Style Nanda. We all got really excited at the stand alone store and all went a lil crazy buying 3CE makeup.

Tyler, Nicole and Xuen looking like models in the store.
Harbour City is one of my favourite malls in Hong Kong. I never fail to visit this shopping heaven every time I go to Hong Kong. It’s got everything under one roof – shopping, dining entertainment and sightseeing. I have to reiterate again that it’s pure shopping heaven. It’s got Lane Crawford and so so many shops (at least 400 I think?) and possibly every brand name that you can think of. You’d probably need a whole day to cover all the shops in this mall. They’ve also got Greyhound Cafe from Bangkok!
Finally, to end the already perfect day, we were hosted to an Italian dinner at Cucina. Located at the Marco Polo Hotel where we are staying, the view at dinner was this amazing. 

The fish came encrusted in what looked like a salt crust covering the entire fish. The waiter had to break the salt case apart to serve it. It was so good.

There’s always room for dessert!

And just like that, this sweet treat was the perfect ending to a wonderful day.
This is all the Hong Kong tales that I have for now. Check back for Part 2 and more soon! 

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