Hong Kong Tales – Tap Dogs

One of the highlights of the Hong Kong trip was watching Tap Dogs and getting to go backstage for a mini tour after the show. I truly enjoy watching live acts and shows and try and go for as many theatre performances, musicals and shows as possible.  Getting to watch the show in Hong Kong was super. Getting backstage access was such a bonus! So interesting to learn more about what went behind-the-scenes and getting up close and personal with all the props, crew and cast. It took my appreciation for the show up another level.
Tap Dogs has been touring the world for almost 20 years and has played to over 330 cities in more than 37 countries worldwide. What a feat! No show can have such longevity without being short of awesome. I was kept at the edge of my seat throughout the 80-minute adrenaline packed performance. The energy of the cast was tremendous and I was blown away by the creativity of how much a simple stage set-up with minimal props could do and offer. Skeptical at first when I saw the simple stage set-up and small cast, I ate my skepticism and swallowed it whole as the show unfolded. Water was a huge element used in the show and it thoroughly brought out the dynamism and power of the tap dancing moves and high energy dancing. Audience be warned though, there’s a huge chance that those sitting in the first 2 rows will be splashed by water. Ponchos are provided, but if you prefer to stay dry, get the seats further back! 
Here’s the high energy cast at the media call in the afternoon before the opening show in Hong Kong. Here’s a mini trivia, I once had to learn tap dancing for a talent show that I participated in…it’s definitely not easy! 
Here’s us all with the cast.
Here’s me in one of my favourite red pouffy skirts, all ready for the opening gala show!
Here’s us after the show, having a mini tour back stage. The stage manager told us that this is by far the most dangerous sets that he has worked on with the moving of the scaffolding throughout the show and water making it all slippery and dangerous. Kudos to the actors for all that they need to do to put on a good performance!
Pictures with the cast backstage!
Tap Dogs is now in Singapore for ONE WEEK only at Marina Bay Sands Mastercard Theatres. The show ends 1 June. Don’t miss it! Just for my readers, Base Entertainment Asia is currently extending a VERY special offer: Get 2 tickets for the price of 1!!

Details of offer:

Tickets must be booked by 1 June 2014. Valid for all shows from 27 May to 1 June 2014.

*Buy 2 VIP tickets at $135 + $3 booking fee + $3 booking fee

*Buy 2 A res tickets at $120 + $3 booking fee + $3 booking fee

*Buy 2 B res tickets at $95 + $3 booking fee + $3 booking fee

*Buy 2 C res tickets at $65 + $3 booking fee + $3 booking fee

Book your tickets via this dedicated link: http://bit.ly/tapdogssg

Check out this video to watch how TAP DOGS take the world by storm with their unprecedented tap show that combines the strength and power of workmen with the precision and talent of tap dancing.  


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