Zipping Around In The All New Ford Kuga

Lucky, lucky me. I had the luxury of test-driving the soon-to-be-released all new Ford Kuga for the weekend and boy, did I have so much fun with the car. For starters, the car being an SUV gave me that added feeling of power and control already just from being slightly elevated and higher than everyone else on the road. The sleek and handsome exterior definitely didn’t hurt in helping me feel like one of the best-lookers cruising around. Plus, being almost always the first to go when the lights turned green (it has awesome pick-up speed!) definitely gave that added boost and had me feeling like I was the king of the road. 
Here’s the Kuga, looking very ruggard, handsome and sporty.
It was mostly raining really heavily the weekend I had the car and I drove it in really heavy rains with low visibility. Through it all, the car felt really stable and handled really well on wet roads. I wasn’t even going at a snail’s pace…I was suitably impressed. It must have been the intelligent all-wheel drive system and torque vectoring control that gave the car so much stability and control. I’ve not felt quite this safe driving in such wet conditions. 

The interior is spacious with ample amount of leg room for the front and rear passengers. The rear seat backs also recline over a 10-degree range, allowing the rear seat passengers to set their seat back to the exact position they want, making their ride in the car super comfortable. I took this picture from the sun roof right above. I’ve always liked cars with sun roofs. It makes the driving experience that much more enjoyable with the bit from the outdoors.
Here’s on to some of the super fun features of the car. This is my absolute favourite. The boot opens and closes with a motion activated sensor! Here’s my ‘lil video to show off the feature. 

It’s so perfect for when you’re holding a million things in your hand. The luggage compartment also offers 46-litres more luggage compartment-space than the current Kuga model and the rear seats fold flat in one movement so it’s easy to maneuver and free up space when you need it. 
Besides this awesome feature, the Ford Kuga also has a keyless technology (watch another of my video below) and tons of other fun and smart features like the Ford SYNC connectivity that lets you control calls and music hands-free. It was really easy to sync my phone to the system. All I had to do was to turn on my blue-tooth. I was so happy that it could play music from my iPhone with this sync. 
It also has an adaptive cruise control and forward alert safety features that help you maintain a preset gap between you and the vehicle ahead. If the vehicle in front slows down, the system decelerates, vice versa. You can also set and maintain the cruising speed for safer long distance driving and improved fuel efficiently. What a clever car!
You know what’s most awesome above all? The auto park assist feature! It helps me parallel park!!! For those who know me well enough, parallel parking is my achilles heel. I just can’t get it. Period. I usually avoid parallel parking like the plague, or have someone park my car when I have no other parking choices. So this super feature helps me parallel park without me having to even turn the wheels. All I had to do was activate this switch and it did the job perfectly!!! The Ford Kuga with the auto park assist and me is like a match made in heaven. It was complete bliss driving the car around. 
Here’s where the park assist button is and the screen that displays the sync function.
Some other smart features are the automatic dimming rear view mirror – you know how you get almost blinded sometimes when the lights of the car behind you is super bright? This mirror helps dim ultra bright lights so you don’t get dazzled by those super crazy bright headlights! 
Ambient light with multi-coloured LEDs. Below are just a few of the many different LED light changes you can choose from. Very pretty! 

Here’s a short video of me and the Kuga.
This car’s got swag.
With a tinge of sadness, I returned the car when the weekend was over. I told the sales manager over the phone that I was going to run away with it! The stability and smart features made it such a fun car to have and a breeze to drive. I mean, what more could you ask for in a car? Sleek ergonomic design, fuel efficiency, outstanding safety (more than 5,000 virtual and real-world crash tests were done), smart and fun features to keep you entertained whilst you’re on the roads, good pick-up speed so you can cut and switch lanes quickly, spacious interior…I’m definitely going to recommend the Ford Kuga to anyone who’s thinking of getting a car!  

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