Cool images? No!! As much as I love fashion, I think it’s terrible when smoking is perceived and casted in a ‘cool, fashionable’ light. Smoking is not something to be celebrated, and never should be. We all know how detrimental it is to a person’s health and body when you light up. (You can read my post about how smoking affects your looks here.)

I’m sure that all of you are aware of the I Quit Campaign buzzing around Singapore. I see the campaign ads allover MRT stations. I’ve never been a smoker and thankfully, have not had anyone close to me puff away. Nonetheless, I’ve been so inspired by the many stories of smokers and their quitting journey through this campaign.

Take for example, Gisete Tay who ran and ran to get away from smoking and outran the addiction. Or Farhan, who quit for his wife and for starting a family. For whatever reasons that they, you or someone around you is embarking on his quitting journey for, I applaud you for being so brave. Also, know that you’re not alone! There’s a huge community of support available on www.facebook.com/IQUITClubGo on, check it out, and spread the word of this community to anyone around you whom you think needs support too. Even if you’re an ex-smoker and have quit for years, share your story and inspire someone too!

For a start, why not post a picture of yourself or with your family/friends with the IQuit double finger hand sign to support this cause?

#iamaquitter Are you?

You can put your picture up on instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Don’t forget the hashtag #iamaquitter !

P/S Do you know how much you can save in a year if you stopped buying a pack of cigarettes everyday? $12 x 365= $4,380! I’m sure that amount can be put to much better use than on something that kills you slowly. (Psss…that’s about the price of a Chanel bag, ladies!)

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