One Fine Thursday

First ups. I’m bouncing back to the drama scene after a rather long, well-rested hiatus. I’m looking forward to playing something that is not the very usual me. Something a little bit more energetic, upbeat and ‘athletic’. It’s time to seriously hit those runs and all! Had my imaging session done this Thursday morning and ran off to play the rest of the day. 🙂

This is a sneak preview of my erm, hair and face for this new show. Hahaha. Not very much to show I’m afraid… I didn’t snap any pictures during the fitting session!

Lunch at Canton-i with mummy and sister dearest. Love the interior of the place. It’s all pink and white. Pretty pretty, but the food is only satisfactory. 😦

My sister is all smarts. She’s a lecturer!

She got really excited seeing her name on a vitamin box.

I followed her around to various Osim shops as a ‘mystery shopper’. And I was sold by their ‘Usoffa petit’. I loveeee massages. I am so tempted to get this one in purple!!

Ran off to Vivo City after for a dash of steamboat dinner, movie and Daiso. I love shopping for random things at Daiso! The Japanese are so clever for their useless yet not little inventions.

I hate eating vegetables.
Caught the movie: Book of Eli. Most boring movie I’ve watched all year. (0 popcorn ratings from me.)

Domo!…snuggling up on my thigh. He does this a lot these days – rub his head on my legs so that I’ll ‘sayang’ him. Love him to bits. (I’ve probably said this too many times) 🙂
Anyways, it’s a brand new week ahead. Have a beautiful one everyone!

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