Happy Birthday Daddy and Che! :)

My daddy’s and sister’s birthday are 5 days apart, so like every year, we usually hold a ‘combined celebration’. (I’m glad I don’t share my birthday with anyone…haha…I like feeling special..:D ) I was in-charged of getting the presents (as like most years) and was so glad shopping for them was a breeze cos’ they gave me specific ‘birthday wish lists’. πŸ™‚ So, daddy got a mobile, and che got a very practical watch (to match ALL her work clothes and that can tell the time clearly).

Daddy announced that he wanted to have dinner at ‘Imperial Treasure’ restaurant at Terminal 3 (Changi Airport). He liked the one at Ngee Ann City (where we usually dine in), and said he saw in the papers a new branch opened in T3. I arrived at the airport separately and rang my mum to ask her where the restaurant was. She giggled and told me that she and daddy has been going round in circles trying to look for the restaurant, but in vain. The closest they found was Crystal Jade. Daddy was in fact going around asking airport staffs for the restaurant’s location because he ‘swears’ he saw the ad in the papers. “Kwa kwa kwa…” I highly suspect that it was once again a ‘daddy muddle-up’. haha….So guess what? In the end, we all ended up dining at Crystal Jade instead. πŸ˜€ Good thing the food was good, or all the way to the airport for nothing!

Happy Happy Birthday!!

My sis texted me and told me not to get a birthday cake cos’ she was given one. It turned out that the cake was teeny! So disappointing! I really like eating birthday cakes! (make that any cake….or anything sweet….or…or…)

I wonder what they’re wishing for?

Daddy and Mummy…see! the cake is sooo teeny they had to hold it up for it to be in shot!

Che and her fiance, Joe. Once again, they are getting married next year! Yipee!!

Family love! πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Daddy and Che! :)

  1. The Imperial Treasure restaurant in Terminal 3 is located in the Departure/Transit Mall @ Level 3, and is a Restricted Area. Mainly only for people who passes through the immigration check counters. Meaning, only available if you are travelling overseas! Hah. Crystal Jade is not bad either ya. U look gorgeously cute πŸ™‚


  2. Read here: http://www.hungrygowhere.com/singapore/imperial_treasure_la_mian_xiao_long_bao_airport_t3/I even went to google it and even confirmed with mum that YES! There is one at T3. Stupidly, the address left out the important information that it is in the restricted area. How doh is that?!Anyways, I like the pic of dad and mum holding up the cake. They are both smiling/laughing happily! Me thinks I’d go and print out the picture to frame πŸ™‚And alamak, you should have photoshopped some make-up on my face lor. I look so unglam with my tied up hair. Tsk tsk….*hides from shame*


  3. Did your dad wrote in to complain? Cos I received a complaint about confusing signage at T3. Loyal customers of Imperial Treasure couldn’t find it but actually located in the transit area. Anyway, there is 1 more at T1 L2, departure check in. Next time bring ur dad there. =) Esther Bai


  4. haha okok, thanks! i’ll know where to look for Imperial the next time. πŸ™‚ p.s esther: nope, my dad didn’t write in. haha, he ain’t the write in to complain type.


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