Back To School Partyyyy!

The two birthday boys – Desmond and Noah, gathered all their naughty “school friends” and got us all to go to this super secluded ‘ulu’ part of Singapore (the cab driver exclaimed that he hasn’t driven there in about 30 years…). I can’t remember the name of the place now, except that it’s after Pasir Panjang area, near Labrador Park, and there used to be a jetty there. Anyway, what I really want to say is, the party rawked!! Everyone had so much fun playing school again!

Happy Birthday boys! Orh…I tell teacher you drink champagne…

Point middle finger! Tsk Tsk….! That’s Elaine, the rebellious student and me, the ‘guai guai’ good girl. ha.

Alex with his best impersonation of a nerd. Fail! :p

Kay, Rebecca, Nat, Me and Andie. “Friends Foreverrr”! Haha…when did I last hear that phrase?

Jeneen and Kay bullying Rebecca the Geek

Desmond: ” I don’t want to drink, but they force me cos’ it’s my birthday….boooohoooooooo….”

Rebecca attempting to dig her nose…yucks. haha

Class of 2008!

**I miss my days in school! Especially the times in CHIJ…*reminiscing*

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