Just got back from a run with Domo…It’s official. He runs faster than me. *hmph* How can his little legs make him go so fast! I have trouble keeping up…*pant pant*. (Of course, I had to pretend that he wasn’t pulling me by trying to keep up his pace…if not very ‘unglam’ la!)

…which leaves me really tired now. -_-

Domo: “aiyoh…why are you so slow ?!”

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  1. That’s because Domo has FOUR legs while we only have TWO! At least that’s what I always say. LOL!Darn, I wish I had my running gear with me. Was just telling mum that Domo should go run about for a bit. He has sooooo much energy at home! 😛 Glad that you took him for a run. Hehe.


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