Girly Chit-Chats

For the longest time, Yuqi, Fionna and I have been trying to coincide a day where we are all free to meet up. We finally did last Friday. Yuqi suggested Oomphatico’s at Tanglin Mall. We all loved the interior of the place! Its quirky, new, old, sweet, cute and modern all rolled into one. Food on the menu was very very healthy, with a lot of brown rice, avocado and all that healthy vegetables going. Yuqi and I kept pointing out the unhealthiest stuff on the menu that we were interested to try like ‘phad tai’ and fried stuff. Haha. We aren’t very into healthy food quite obviously. But, overall the food all tasted pretty good. Being healthy was a plus point of course. We were having a grand time catching up, lamenting on work, bits of life and our age-counters (opps!) And in the midst of it, the entire crew in Oomphatico’s started forming a line, banging on pots and pans and cutleries and dancing through the restaurant! Really really cute! It looked really stress-relieving for them and was very entertaining for us the diners.

6 thoughts on “Girly Chit-Chats

  1. haha! jeneen, of course I believe evonne is saying that the scan bahz. maybe to her, she think that she scanned le, the outcome is not good? and hey, that outfit looked cool! so stylo-mylo! =Poh yes, pictures sent.


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