Sun, Surf and Sand

I did a small shoot for Cleo today. It’s for their upcoming June, Summer Swimsuit spread. Ming, the publicist actually told me about the shoot a while back, but I had in my mind that it would be in June or something…so I didn’t exactly do much to try and work out for a ‘bikini bod’. Until two days ago, she rang me and asked if I was ok to shoot the spread today. I almost fainted! So soon! haha…so for the past two days, I worked out like crazy and hardly ate and drank…to try and achieve a nice ‘bikini bod’. Oh well, I can’t say that I’ve completely succeeded, but my body sure aches like crazy now…hmm, but at least I can eat again today. Hooray! 🙂

Thanks to the Cleo team for the shoot today! I had fun! 🙂

Bikini season coming up!

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