Me a Thief? Hmm…

My sister and her husband-to-be have been very busy trying to decorate their new place. I used to be really interested in interior design and furniture back when I was in NAFA. Hearing them ooh-and-ah about design and furnishings of late have kinda got me re-interested in house design again. (Especially nice furniture and finishings)…I’ve been browsing through their interior magazines and yesterday, my sister carted home a Kartell Bourgie Lamp. *drools*…It is sooooooo gorgeous!! It is all bubble-wrapped up in a corner now…tempting me…mmm…i may… just try and steal it. hehehehehehe….

p.s she has set up a blog just for her new home. you can check it out at:

4 thoughts on “Me a Thief? Hmm…

  1. Tsk tsk. Stealing from your own sister. 成何体统!I think I should go hide the lamp at a safe place. Maybe store it at the boy’s home. Too dangerous around here…


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