The weekend…

…came and went away wayyy too fast. After the much anticipated final bell rang on Friday, it was a whirlwind of activities. (I tried to pack in as much *sleep included* in the short 2 and a half days).

Friday saw us at the Johnnie Walker party held in the carpark of St. James Powerhouse. J.W got creative and erected a hugeee J.W bottle in the middle of the carpark. I almost suspected that the huge-as* bottle was tilting and rolling us around till I realised it was the free-flow of scotch that was creating such a spacey illusion. Mid-party, a formula-1 motorcar was on display, complete with leggy car-models. Pity I missed the show (being not the tallest being alive) and could only contend with posing with the car after the show ended. (lest I broke my ankle jumping to get a view on my so-very high heels)

(pictures coming in later….stay tuned)

Saturday started out with a quick dash to the shops for ms C’s birthday party that night. It was bbq at Changi Aloha (courtesy of our company) in the evening…very yummy food – chicken chop, mushroom cheese, top shells, satay, otak, crabsticks, marshmellows..the absolute works. anddd… M.O.S to end the day! It was good to catch up with some ex-colleagues that I so miss and I have to add that birthday gal ms C was pissed drunk. Hee! She introduced us to her boy no less than 4 times and was spilling herself all over the place looking very happy. I’m so glad you had a great one girlie. Happy Birthday! 🙂

-us at m.o.s..with me looking too intoxicated!

It was a slow and easy Sunday as the boy and I went furniture shopping for his new luxurious place. To anyone interested in chinese-inspired furniture, Dempsey Road is the place! I’ve never seen soooo much chinese-styled furniture at one place. Alas, we left empty-handed. Fussy boy! Hee! 🙂 Had a nice dinner with mummy dearest…and slowly wounded the weekend down.

..until I woke at 6.35am this morning…shucks!!! I’m late!! I sprinted to get myself ready for work. It’s Monday once again folks…..

4 thoughts on “The weekend…

  1. haha no i think u look gorgeous with your new hair do ms c. you always do. and….i start work at 7.30am and only end at 6pm other days. don’t envy me!, ene…i got lazy. i didn’t feel like writing or talking. i’m a social recluse for the week.


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