corn, cornflakes, cornydog..corny…

A certain someone close just remarked “when did you become so corny, oh my gawd” ( i could practically see the eyes rolling)… I think this is what you become when one is 1. lack of sleep 2. bored 3. been staring at the computer screen for 9 hours straight 4. really bored (did i already say that?)

well, at least this is what i become….did i mention i had CORNflakes for breakfast?

*my grey matter is turning into cotton fluff* 😦

p.s it’s funny how such a simple one liner can actually have an effect on me. perhaps his words and views (especially if it involes me) mean too much to me… perhaps i’m hyper-sensitive… perhaps i’m cranky… perhaps i’m being a 110% girl.

2 thoughts on “corn, cornflakes, cornydog..corny…

  1. join the club woman….tat’s what work does to us *wink*anyway have a superb weekend…i actually miss shouting to u…(was going to say at you..hahaha)


  2. i’m sorry my words hurt you it hurt me too after i realised what i had said =( i guess whenever i hear you say you are bored, tired or just having to do anything that doesn’t quite fulfill you or make you happy.. deep down inside a part of me, the part that has for some time been sharing your dreams and passion, wants to burst out and shout “Stop!” …. But well i am but a fool…


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