Of Skeletons And Twigs.

‘Skinny is always in’ – a girl once told me. I have to agree that I’m a fan of the ‘waif’, or ‘twiggy look’. Having being blasted by the media with images of super skinny girls and the ideology that skinny girls are always on top, and that clothes fit and look better on slightly skeletal figures, we crave to achieve that look… torturing ourselves at the gym, over-stretching at yoga classes, turning our noses away at yummy food. ‘I’m on a diet’ – is a line that rolls off easily from a girl’s tongue.

Recently, a young Brazillian model passed out and away.. of starvation no less.

To be honest, I have no clue to why I’m rambling about weight issues. I secretly think it’s me convincing myself, to try and stop convincing myself to be super skinny. (did you guys get that sentence? what a tongue twister!) ..because however hard I try, I love my food too much.

I think it’s time to stop stressing and dump that darn weighing machine in my room. It’s nice to have more of me to hold and love. 🙂

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