Hooked on fridays…i’m a friday druggie!!! wheeee!*

Yayeeeeeeeee!!! It’s FRIDAY!! 🙂 It’s funny how I’ve started obsessing over fridays and public holidays, now that I’m on a 5 day work week schedule. At the start of week, I countdown first, by the days, then the hours, minutes and seconds….. to 17:59 every Fridays.

At the chime of that final bell, me.. like a druggie getting a shot of that magical substance, become slightly overly euphoric – my heart palpitates at an amazing speed, my blood rushes to my head, my hands become slightly clammy and (you get the idea) with the thought of the impending activities for the weekend and most importantly…the sleep that I’ll be getting.

Oh yes…how much my bed has missed me. No alarm clocks for me tonight! :)))) *what a nice thought.*

Am looking forward to ms C’s birthday party at m.o.s tomorrow. Got some catching up to do with the girls there! Opps, I’d better go get her a nice pressie after work today before i’m refused entry at the door!

have a great friday and weekend everyone!! *muaks*

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