Finally getting around to post pictures of my favourite off shoulder dress of the moment. Things have been so busy on the work front, I haven’t had much of a breather. I’m hoping that things will lighten up this week!

SGShop: Taobao shopping heaven

I’ve heard so much about Taobao and have had friends raving to me about their purchases (good quality and so cheap!). I’ve been soooo tempted to shop on the site, but my mandarin – or the lack thereof – is horrid. Just looking at the site with so many mandarin characters is so daunting and really confuses me. Imagine my delight when I was introduced to SGShop.com. Read this: SGShop is the agent for Taobao, and the website is in ENGLISH!! Hello, the world of affordable everything! 
I checked out the site excitedly and this is SGShop’s promise:
1. High quality and low price – ok, this I obviously know already.
2. Speed guarantee: Guarantee shipment within stated period or discount will be given – wow, this is pretty impressive.

3. Free & secure inspection: Free Inspection done upon order arrives at China warehouse – so for those who have ordered stuff from China before, you know that their quality can sometimes really differ and items can get mixed up and all. Pretty chaotic basically…so this service is excellent! 

4. Online service: friendly customer care to be at your service – we all know how important it is to have someone to air our grievances to. “I really want that pair of shoes, but they sent it to me in the wrong size. HOW???!!!!” 

So far so good. I proceeded to check out the wares on SGShop. 

Apparel, shoes, bags and accessories, electronic gadget, beauty, home, sports and outdoors, toys and games, pets supplies, books and magazines, daily products, automobile and motor…WOW, they’ve got everything under one online roof! A quick look-around and they’ve even got wedding gowns. At such affordable prices! A wedding is in the cards for me and looking at these gowns, I can have as many gown changes as I want. How fun! 

These gowns are so pretty! 
I looked at home furnishing next. I’ve been looking at interior and furniture a lot recently as I’ve got a house coming next year. Whee ~ I can’t wait! I think I really want a marble top dining table for the new home. Guess what? SGShop’s got them too!

You can even pick the type of marbling you want. Amazing or what?! The price range for these tables are between $200 – 600. 
Ooh, but these wooden tables are so pretty. Maybe I should get a wooden table instead?
I checked out shipping methods and rates because I’ve already got a whole list of things I want to buy. There’s no charge for the first 500g! To order, I’ll have to add all items to cart on the website, pay, have them consolidate all my items at their warehouse and arrange for delivery to Singapore. Easy peasy!

Here’s a list of the shipping rates. Assuming my dining table is 50kg, I’ll have to pay $200 for shipment by sea. Ooh, and there’s a promotion from Maybank too. I’ll get a $10 rebate with every $50 spent! This promotion ends 30 Nov. Find out more about the promotion here. Looks like I gotta get shopping quick. I’m going to go and check out lights next. I’ve got a few friends who have gotten lights from Taobao and they can’t stop raving. What’s your shopping list from SGShop? 😉