My Yesterday

Does green tea contain caffeine? I was always under the impression that green tea is free of it. I’ve learnt the hard way. I drank a whole pot last night, and spent the rest of the night being very much awake, trying to force myself to sleep. Very torturing! I’m sure many of you have experienced such nights.

I really tried hard to sleep because I will be on shoot for REM tonight – overnight from 10pm to 7am! Even taking melatonin pills didn’t help. I was way too wired. I’m definitely feeling knackered now, but still not sleepy…I expect myself to be thrashed at shoot tonight. Well, least I know that green tea will help me keep awake now…Very awake. :S

Since I was So awake last night, I decided to re-design my blog banner. Voila! A new birth! I’m still trying to decide if I like it enough, but it shall stay for now…till the next improvement, or not. 🙂

Back to the green tea story, I was drinking so much of it because I made onigiri yesterday. Green tea goes well with Japanese food obviously, so…I was downing it with (too much) gusto. It was my first try at making onigiri. I really wanted mine to turn out pretty and authentic looking like those below. But, I realised how difficult it was without a proper onigiri mould. 😦 It was really difficult to squeeze the rice and ingredients into shape with bare hands. The rice would either stick to my hands (despite having already soaked my hands in salt water), or the ingredients will be falling all over the place. In the end, I ended having to use a round mould (the only one I could find). You would probably have guessed that yes, my onigiris were not very pretty. I tried making up for the lack of looks with taste though, and stuffed them with tuna mayonaise, teriyaki beef and unagi. I wished I remembered to take some pictures of my first attempt!

In all, I still think that the taste didn’t quite suffice the lack of looks. But, I’ve still got a whole bag of Japanese rice to try. Next time will surely be better, hopefully! 🙂

P.S Thanks Benji, Domo is definitely better! His ears are ok now, and he is definitely less itchy. 😀 Yay!