Seoul Loving

I’m backkkk!! I spent 9 lovely wintery days in Korea with my mummy and I am already so missing the cold weather. Yes, although there were certain days when the cold was unbearable despite the multiple heat pads and major layering of clothes, but I still much prefer it to feeling sticky and muggy in our tropical Singapore weather.
Having been to Seoul twice this year, I officially coin this city as the shopping haven. Did you know that malls in Dongdaemun open till 4am in the morning?! How massive is that! Being a nocturnal night trawler, I absolutely think their store hours are brilliant.
Myeongdong tops as my favourite place to be, albeit the ‘touristy’ feel of it all. The place has such a mash of interesting shops and eateries that it’s hard to resist going back couple of times during the trip. It’s got a massive 3-4 storey Forever 21, all the make-up brand shops you ever want, local Korean designer stores, American Apparel, street-side stores, etc. Charming!
The huge bummer was forgetting my camera this time! So, I’ve only got a couple of lousy shots from my mobile to remember this trip. Boo! 😦
I had a mission to stock up for lovely things for my online store, Pink Flare, and we had a wonderful time exploring the wholesale places and buying, and buying, and buying. As expected, our luggages were grossly overweight. Thanks to some winking and pleading, we were let off the hook at check-in. Yay!!
Mummy at Myeongdong. This fishcake thing that she’s eating is super delicious!
A store selling all types of boots imaginable at Myeongdong. And rather cheap too!
This cake at a tiny cafe in Myeongdong is delicious. There are tons of such quaint cafes on the upper floors of the shop-houses. You have to visit them if you’re there!
On the streets of Myeongdong. Cold!!
My bags of skincare products, masks and BB creams!
Koreans have got such smooth, fair, porcelain skin. I’m thinking it’s their kimchi and BB creams!… The Hanskin Caviar BB cream that I so raved about in my earlier “Style Mondays” post is now available on Pink Flare!

In Response

Sorry I haven’t been responding to stuff left on my box…been rather out of it off late. I’m going to post my answers here, cos’ they’ll probably be lost in the out-datedness.

To the question of what makeup I use:

For eyes: I use Shiseido Majolica’s mascara for my lower lashes mostly, and stick on whatever false eyelashes I feel like for the day – slightly more natural or drama ones. I used to have to get Majolica’s stuff from Japan or Taiwan. So glad they’re here in Singapore now! I also use white slightly sparkly eyeshadow (from Majolica as well) as eye make-up base, and put on other pastel colours like light pink, or blue etc…depending. Actually, all my eye-stuff are from Majolica. Haha, I’m a huge fan. I also like to line the bottom half of my eyes with white liner and blend some in the inner eyes to brighten and open the eyes. I got my pencil from…haha where else but Majolica.

As for my face, I’ll usually slap on some RMK make-up base, followed by Laneige’s make-up base (the green one). I think the green really brightens the face and makes it fairer. Then, I’ll puff some loose powder on my face. I’m currently using Anna Sui’s…followed by blusher from….erm, Majolica again. 😀

p.s I’m not endorsed or sponsored by Majolica just in case you’re wondering. Ha.

That’s about all to my make-up regime. I’m always on the look-out for stuff to make the skin brighter and fairer. Please let me know if you’ve tried any fab products too!! 🙂

Some stuff in my make-up bag.

To Germaine and potty-training Domo:

Hey, Domo was actually already pee-pan trained when he came to me (thanks to the breeders). But he suddenly lost it one day and kept peeing beside the newspapers I’ve laid out for him. 
(I’ve read that puppies can suddenly lose what they’ve learnt. Yeaks!) Anyway, I tried all sort of ways like slapping his butt and scolding him when he pees out of the newspapers and putting him on the newspapers for him to smell and hopefully communicate with him that it’s his toilet.
 All that didn’t quite work until I bought a big proper pee pan and laid newspapers in it. He suddenly got it without me even trying. I think Domo just needed proper boundaries. I’m not sure if you’ve got a pee-pan for your poodle as well? And not just newspapers on the ground? 
Also, the vet told me that if we make a huge fuss after our doggie pees in the wrong place, they may actually enjoy the attention and keep doing it. Maybe you can try cleaning up with dettol or those sprays you can get from pet shops that covers the doggie pee smell and leave some trace of your doggie’s pee on the newspaper so he/she will follow the smell. I’m not sure if it’ll work, but good luck! You’ll probably find more answers on dog forums too. 🙂
Show me some of your doggie’s photos? Would love to see! Email or facebook??