‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly

And it’s that time of the year again. Where first, Orchard Road slowly and magically transformed itself into “Christmas Land,” where the malls subtly but surely started chiming Christmas carols and you couldn’t help but hum along (even to the cheesy ones), where party invites started rolling in, and where you suddenly realise: “Shucks! it’s almost Christmas! Time to get my a@$ down to town and start my Christmas shopping!”
And then you sit down and start writing your Christmas present list (for yourself, and loved ones), and join the frenzied crowd in town for some mad shopping. This year, I almost made headlines which would probably have looked like this: “Girl (me) almost clobbers fellow shopper who bumped incessantly into her shopping bags to death with Jimmy Choos.” Kidding. So that didn’t really almost happen, and I’m home now safe and sound, with all my lovely presents wrapped writing this blog entry.
Just 2 more days! (For those who haven’t completed your Christmas shopping, Good Luck jostling!! Ha! :p)
Here are my pressies all wrapped and ready to go. 🙂
I started my celebrations early with a cosy dinner with my fellow JAL girlfriends on Monday. Here goes:
Me and Angelia
Stephaine and Cecilia

We had to have Japanese food! Lots of yummy yakitori and everything else. I’m getting hungry all over again!
I got the girls cute underwear and hand masks!

And Angelia got us these cute little penguin cookies.

We all had to get a present for one girl. Here’s Stephaine opening my present.

Ta da! Cute sleepwear, more underwear (which she announced that she was having on the exact same pair I gave her!! What are the odds?!), and a Calvin Klein wristlet.

Angelia and her loot

And me laughing at my present..guess what I got?

Cute sexy sleepwear and marshmallows! The girls couldn’t stop giving me kinky ideas…that was why I was laughing so hard at my pressie. :p Thanks Ceci!

This Yuzu Umeshu that we had is definitely worth a mention. I’m not one who drinks much alcohol, but this was yummy!

…Oh my gosh! Is it 4am already? Time for me to go to bed! Goodnight!!

Here’s wishing everyone: