What’s two girls got to do in Bangkok?

1. Stay in a gorgeous apartment

Welcome to our apartment!

This is the Somerset Suan Plu.
Living room – where we spent many nights lounging, watching DVDs, eating rubbish and chatting.



Even comes complete with walk-in wardrobe!!!

And bedroom.

2. Eat lots

Yummy Thai noodles on the first day.

Happy Yoghurt! You get to choose your own flavours, mix, match and squeeze however much you want, add toppings and pay by weight!

Ta dah!! Looking tired here because we came in on a super super early flight and I didn’t before the flight!

Our snack loot from Siam Paragon supermarket.

Lunch at Greyhound cafe one day.

Not noodles too! Can some things in life be simple please??

Yummy pomelo salad. It’s so fantastic to have the fruit taken apart for you for easy eating!

Thai chinese food!

Angelia looking happy with her snacks. 😀

We were super craving for Japanese food in Thailand.

I think, this was breakfast one morning. Miso soup, tea, potato chips, cuttlefish snack, bananas, strawberries, nacterine and hello panda. Random!!

3. Have massages

Did a full body Thai massage that left me all achy and sore the next day, but I loveeee foot massages!

4. Have a mani/pedicure

Love this colour from OPI!

The Japanese are mad serious about their manicures and poodles. This was taken from a Japanese nail art magazine. Poodles on the nails! Kawaii!

Angelia had her nails done hot pink.

5. Shop like mad

Me doing some serious shopping with my bright rainbow bag at Platinum Mall.

Tax refund! We chalked up quite a bit.

Sale everywhere!..burnt a huge hole in my pocket. Ouch!

6. Chill out at nice cafes and look for wi-fi when tired from shopping

Nice cafe at Siam Square.

Tired from shopping. We were carting bags and bags of stuff back to our apartment everyday! The concierge were slightly bemused by us two girls.

Angelia – seriously watsapp-ing.

Wi-fi at the hotel lobby!

7. Er, cam-whore lots?

Waiting for our cab.

PINK taxi!

Playing with my camera modes.

Ok. We were bored being stuck in the jam.

8. And of course chat and gossip incessantly about life, boys, fashion and everything under the sun.

I had so much fun.

I’ll be back! Toodles!