Happy Chinese New Year!

Hello everyone!
Here’s wishing you a very Happy Chinese New Year!
May you all have a wonderful, prosperous, healthy, wealthy and happy year of the water snake…Huat ah!!! 😀
I hope you’re all having a wonderful New Year so far. The public holidays are definitely awesome and I’m having such a wonderful break doing absolutely zero work, stuffing my face with goodies and visiting my friends and loved ones. I know I haven’t been very active on my blog. I’m a lot more active and current on Instagram, so you can hit me up @thepinkflaregirl for ‘live’ updates and more! Do say ‘hi’ there! 🙂 
Here’s my lovely family with our only grandparent left. Grandpa is 97 years old and still going strong. This CNY has been pretty low for our family as our maternal grandparents left us recently and this is the first CNY without them. We’re missing them so much and are missing their handmade ‘ngoh hiangs’, home-cooked curry and massive steamboat affair that we had every year. We hope you’re both in a happy place looking out for each other and watching over us! 
Here’s my sister. 🙂 
Little neice, Ashley (photo bombed by my Dad and Uncle).
Pink Flare’s drop-waist dress for reunion dinner and leopard print pony hair wedges from Pedder Red.


Pink Flare’s Korean Fever Dress for CNY Day 1. I love the checkered prints and asymmetrical hemline on this piece. 
It’s almost a month after my birthday, and I’m still celebrating. Lucky me. 🙂 I’m sharing the cake with Penny, also a birthday girl.
The must-have ‘lucky’ yu-sheng. Huat everyone!!
Not sure if you guys noticed, but I had a hair-cut/colour and changed my hair’s parting to the centre before the CNY. I’ve been meaning to try a centre part and colour my hair for the longest time and Serene (from Chez Vous Salon) did a wonderful job. So happy!
Here’s the process of getting my hair coloured and cut.

I got a light brown colour done with subtle undertone highlights. I love love love the colour (and cut)! 

Love that my hair is still soft and smooth after the colour. Serene did a quick colour treatment after the dyeing to seal the colour and condition the hair. Serene really understands my hair and gives me the best possible treatments and cuts so that I can maintain it daily. There’s no point in only having gorgeous locks when you walk out of the salon and having a nightmare to maintain it daily. I have natural curls in my hair, so I can’t have too many layers done or it’ll get really messy. So Serene gives me straight cuts with a wee bit of layers at the ends to show the undertone highlights. Mad props to her!

Colour Extend shampoo from Redken for luscious locks and to maintain the colour. 🙂 
Here’s how to look for Serene at Chez Vous for awesome hair:
6732 9388/ 6732 9468
Chez Vous
391 Orchard Road
Ngee Ann City Podium


Dear Grandpa

You didn’t get well this time. 
Just like I thought you would, just like you did every other time.
We stood by your bedside and watched you slip away.
I stroke your head and held on to your hand and willed for your heartbeat to rise.
I wished desperately that I could call you back, to wake up, to hang on and to fight.
Instead, I said nothing and whispered, ‘Goodbye Kong Kong, rest well. I love you, and I’ll miss you.’
It was for the best. 

The clock in the main hall has been stopped to the time you left us.
A reminder screaming at us that you’re gone.
I wish that I could turn it back just a minute earlier, or maybe a couple of hours, or maybe a couple of months.
Back to when you were up and running and telling me, ‘G-neen, take care. You must save money ok? Money is hard to earn!’
Yes, that’s you.
I was so proud of my Kong Kong who spoke Queen’s English,
My Kong Kong who had perfect manuscript handwriting.
My Kong Kong who dressed smartly in shirt and pants all the time.
My Kong Kong who wore a swimming cap to sleep so that his hair would fall nice and flat the next day.

Like all regrets after you’ve lost,
I wish I had made more time for you.
I wish I had rung you up more just to ask, ‘How are you?’
I wish I had taken you out more.
I wish I had gone to the hospital earlier to see you.
I wish I had gone the day before.
I wish, I wish, I wish.

Too late for all that now.
You’ve gone somewhere where I can’t take you back.
Sleep tight Kong Kong. Be well.
Please drop by my dreams sometimes.

Doggies Day Out

I wanted a photo, but got a kiss instead. 🙂 
The family took the doggies Domo and Moon to Bishan Park for some play time and run around on Saturday. The dogs always look happiest when they’re out in the open running wild and free. Bishan Park is completely different now from how I remember it with the MacDonald’s, cafes (dog-friendly!) and nice open spaces. Very lovely place to spend an evening if you want some outdoors! We ended the day at Canopy Garden Dining & Bar with some pizzas and pastas. The duck pizza is really good! 
I sneaked a shot of the poodle in the basket when her owner scooted into MacDonald’s for some take-out. What a cutie!
(Pink Flare Dottie top, Zara shorts, Steve Madden sandals, Marc Jacobs+ASOS arm candy)

Happy 4th Birthday Domo!

Domo, the Halloween baby turned 4 on 31st October. The sister and I decided to pack the family and the dogs to Botanic Gardens for a picnic and little ‘celebration’. We were really worried that a thunderstorm, as reported by the weather forecast, would rain on our parade, but we did a little ‘raindance’ or should I say, ‘anti-raindance’ and all was fine. 
I don’t think Domo understood what all that fuss around him was about, but here’s a lovely cake, just for you! It’s lamb, cream cheese and carob cookies. Absolutely divine in the doggie world. I placed an order for a slightly larger cake so that Domo could share it with his doggie friends, Moon and Toto. It was a pity that Toto was busy that day and could not make the party. 
Domo even got a birthday present from the sister! What a lovely personalised bandana. 🙂
We found that this was the only way to take a decent, non blurry shots of the two dogs – wave a treat in front of them and have them ‘stay’. 
And then it was time for the birthday boy to pose for pictures with his cake. I must say that he was pretty good at that too! He didn’t try and attack the cake at all. Maybe all that training school did pay off after all. 
He even let me put a little party hat on him. Haha. 

My camera-sensitive dog. Notice that no one else is looking into the camera? 
He got really bored waiting.
My mum insisted that he ‘cut’ his own cake. I found that pretty much ridiculous and was really tickled by the thought. We did it to humour her anyway. 
Being the gentleman that he is, Domo let his guest, Moon have her slice of cake first. 

 Finally! He lapped it up in an instant. 

Here’s the both of them looking happy and satisfied:

 Happy duo. Happy birthday Domo!! Live long and prosper!! 
Here’s an old picture to reminisce. He was a tiny pup! 

[♥] Seoul Lovin’ Part #2

Streets of Namdemun

Lots of stalls selling dog’s clothes. Very cute! Got a cute little dress and singlet for my sister’s dog, Moon. I wanted to get some for Domo, but he’s already got a closetful of clothes…so I decided against it.

Spotted this super funky and retro looking gold suit for sale. Who’s going to buy it?

Tons of designer knock-offs. You can find Coach, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Fendi, Anya Hindmarch all under one roof.

Love those rice cakes floating in the soup.

Korean ginseng in every form. Mum was totally convinced of it’s health beneficial properties and went slightly crazy buying.

Goodness in a bottle.

Slightly amazed by this roadside stall overflowing with garlic. I bet this is every chinese vampire’s nightmare! Hurhur.

So apparently, Crystal Jade is world famous.

The food from Crystal Jade Singapore is way better.

Spotted this huge 3-D Smurf poster! They’re looking all fluffy and cute!

Gourmet burgers. A must have in Korea! Reminds me of LA’s In-and-Out.

Lots of pretty cafes all around.