Doggies Day Out

I wanted a photo, but got a kiss instead. 🙂 
The family took the doggies Domo and Moon to Bishan Park for some play time and run around on Saturday. The dogs always look happiest when they’re out in the open running wild and free. Bishan Park is completely different now from how I remember it with the MacDonald’s, cafes (dog-friendly!) and nice open spaces. Very lovely place to spend an evening if you want some outdoors! We ended the day at Canopy Garden Dining & Bar with some pizzas and pastas. The duck pizza is really good! 
I sneaked a shot of the poodle in the basket when her owner scooted into MacDonald’s for some take-out. What a cutie!
(Pink Flare Dottie top, Zara shorts, Steve Madden sandals, Marc Jacobs+ASOS arm candy)

A Birthday Celebration

(Photobomber Alert!)

Had a lovely Saturday spent celebrating Karen’s birthday. Lots of food went down at Coca Restaurant followed by delicious cake and lots of merry-making. The night was made complete by a super adorable baby, Emma and 5 lovely dogs. I love the visual feasting I get from beautiful artworks and pieces whenever I head over to her place!
My favourite picture of the dogs:
How sweet is this! 🙂 
(Pink Flare Wild Rose Tunic, Topshop necklace, Miu Miu bag, Pedder Red wedges)

Happy 4th Birthday Domo!

Domo, the Halloween baby turned 4 on 31st October. The sister and I decided to pack the family and the dogs to Botanic Gardens for a picnic and little ‘celebration’. We were really worried that a thunderstorm, as reported by the weather forecast, would rain on our parade, but we did a little ‘raindance’ or should I say, ‘anti-raindance’ and all was fine. 
I don’t think Domo understood what all that fuss around him was about, but here’s a lovely cake, just for you! It’s lamb, cream cheese and carob cookies. Absolutely divine in the doggie world. I placed an order for a slightly larger cake so that Domo could share it with his doggie friends, Moon and Toto. It was a pity that Toto was busy that day and could not make the party. 
Domo even got a birthday present from the sister! What a lovely personalised bandana. 🙂
We found that this was the only way to take a decent, non blurry shots of the two dogs – wave a treat in front of them and have them ‘stay’. 
And then it was time for the birthday boy to pose for pictures with his cake. I must say that he was pretty good at that too! He didn’t try and attack the cake at all. Maybe all that training school did pay off after all. 
He even let me put a little party hat on him. Haha. 

My camera-sensitive dog. Notice that no one else is looking into the camera? 
He got really bored waiting.
My mum insisted that he ‘cut’ his own cake. I found that pretty much ridiculous and was really tickled by the thought. We did it to humour her anyway. 
Being the gentleman that he is, Domo let his guest, Moon have her slice of cake first. 

 Finally! He lapped it up in an instant. 

Here’s the both of them looking happy and satisfied:

 Happy duo. Happy birthday Domo!! Live long and prosper!! 
Here’s an old picture to reminisce. He was a tiny pup! 

Mr Firedog Goes On A Date

My sister and I dressed our dogs up one day. Yes, this is what we do when we’re bored. Domo (poodle on the left) kept trying to paw his fireman’s hat off his head, and Moon kept trying to peel off her dress. They obviously weren’t quite as amused as us.

I am quite proud to say that Domo has quite an extensive wardrobe, because he’s vain like his owner. Haha.

Doggie’s Day Out!

A bunch of us took our dogs out one fine afternoon and spent a glorious day having a picnic at the Botanic Gardens.

Meet ‘Summer’.


My sister’s new dog, ‘Moon’.

And ‘Domo’.

That’s Hercules at the far end. I didn’t manage to get a shot of him. And obviously, the dogs were really warm. Their tongues are practically reaching down to their chests!

Domo had this strange fixation for Moon’s ears. Couldn’t stop sniffing them.

Treat time! (a.k.a ‘I will do anything you want me to, and I’m the most well-behaved dog in the world!!’)

I really cannot remember what was so funny now. How did the boy keep such a straight face?